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You should be focused on accomplishing your business’s goals and driving growth, not the behind the scenes work that is information technology and technical support. With the right partner, focus on your business’s initiatives and let us take care of your needs. With our support services technical expertise, you can prioritize what matters most: your business and its operations. 

Once we’ve taken a look under the hood, we can form a suitable action plan. We’ll examine your business model, existing technologies, and the systems in place. Knowing that, we can provide a services’ model that’s right for you! Our services include anything and everything you’ll need from integrating applications to cloud computing to management of servers. This will help keep your monthly costs down while you pursue your business goals and we focus on technology, so you don’t have to. That way you can stay agile for changing technology and customer demand in real time.

Remote Monitoring Services

Remote Monitoring

Included with our Managed IT Services is remote monitoring capabilities. This is key to tracking anomalies in your environment so we can proactively resolve the problem. Network monitoring is vital to fast disaster recovery as businesses of all sizes are under evolving cybersecurity threats. This provides you with the peace of mind you need to focus on the big picture goals of your business while our expert team handles the rest.

Virtual Support Services

Virtual Support

With our virtual support, we’re ready with rapid assistance for your staff and customers so your network infrastructure is equipped to handle anything. These types of services are what allow large IT departments to focus on high-value projects and small IT departments the capabilities they may not have staff to support. 

On-Site Support Services

On-site Support

Standley Systems offers on-site support additionally to our help desk support. Among our many services offerings, this one is vital to keeping your hardware and equipment updated and in its best condition. We value your time so our team of technicians responds quickly to address your needs, avoiding the inconvenience of downtime for your business. 

Office 365 App Management Services

Office 365 App Management

Many businesses we support rely on a suite of Microsoft Office products for their business’s day to day operations. Whether it’s for communications, productivity, or remote capabilities, our role as application service providers keeps things running smoothly. Setting up new users, managing your app licenses, and keeping them up to date on all of your mobile devices and workstations, we can help you with all of your Microsoft Office app maintenance. 

Cloud Solutions Services

Cloud Solutions

Whatever kind of infrastructure you use, cloud services are a vital part of managing your security and avoiding downtime. Public, private, or a hybrid structure - you can benefit from cloud solutions that allow for easy access and streamlined usage for your staff and customers alike. 


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Decades of service to businesses developing strategies that adapt and scale to changing markets

As a managed service provider, we excel at helping businesses like yours develop technological strategies that are current and reactive so you can stay competitive. Successful businesses are capable of pivoting in real time to evolving technologies, softwares, and systems. Standley Systems has experience and expertise it takes to not only keep your business in the present, but prepare it for the future. 
We provide valuable support for companies in varying industries to adapt their existing services and technologies. IT systems, applications, and software systems are constantly changing. We are here to close the distance between where businesses are today and where they need to be to remain relevant, competitive, and successful. 

See how we tailor our types of services uniquely to these industry’s needs. 


Standley Systems match your needs with remote monitoring, virtual and in-person support, cloud solutions, and more! 

At Standley Systems, we understand that your business has unique demands, so we tailor our services and pricing models to you. To provide the services that best fit your business and its growth, it all starts with a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure and its specific needs. 

Contact us today to set up a consultation and IT system assessment. Our services, in conjunction with our expert technicians, will provide you with vital monitoring, support, and technology solutions for your business’s bright future on your budget! 



We deliver strategic IT services for organizations across Oklahoma and the United States

Businesses and organizations like the College of the Muscogee Nation have long trusted Standley Systems to support and transform their IT infrastructure. 

We take this trust and continued confidence as proof that our services make a difference in organizations of all sizes. This improves their operations’ performance and allows for them to continue their important work. 

Managed IT Services

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We at Standley Systems pride ourselves on offering support that guides your business through today and towards tomorrow. To see how our offerings managed systems can update and transform your IT systems, fill out this form. Just your name, contact information, and a description of your business and its demands is all we need to get a service level agreement (SLA) started.  
We’ll reach out to explain how we’ll approach developing an IT management and support package that’s customized for your business, its current technology, and its future. 


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