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Delivering healthcare that rises to modern-day standards and expectations requires data-driven decision-making.  Healthcare organizations need solutions that allow them to leverage data to improve patient outcomes while controlling expenses and ensuring privacy.

When it comes to your IT infrastructure and document management, you need a partner that can help you navigate these challenges while providing responsive support to keep your staff productive.

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Enhancing Healthcare in a Digital-first World

Data is taking over the business world, and the benefits of this approach have become incredibly obvious in healthcare, in particular. With the rise in virtual medicine and remote monitoring programs, it’s become more important than ever that healthcare organizations have a solid IT foundation supporting their digital services.

Digital Scanning

Information Privacy and Cybersecurity

In order to offer the digital services that patients expect, hospitals and clinics first need to ensure that they can deliver remote care with the appropriate information privacy and cybersecurity protections in place. Adhering to federal and state regulations surrounding protected health information (PHI) is critical in this industry, not only to sustain patient trust but also to avoid costly fines and other legal consequences. Standleys can help implement important security protections that prevent common security vulnerabilities.

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IT Solutions

IT issues are some of the most common productivity blockers in the healthcare industry, especially as more critical solutions are integrated and stored via the cloud. In order to provide quality care, medical assistants, nurses, doctors, and pharmacists need to be able to access patient data via secure EMR connections and access safety checks from medical and supply dispensing systems. When your business lacks sufficient IT staff, to handle it all alone, it can be incredibly difficult to stay on top of routine work. With Standleys IT solutions and services, you can overcome these hurdles and more.

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Scanning and Document Capture

Another issue that healthcare systems commonly face is document sprawl. When information is received from a variety of sources and in a range of formats, it can be difficult for in-house team leads and IT staff to develop a flexible process that ensures everything is consistently recorded in the organization’s document management system. Healthcare workers have to gather all kinds of medical data, from paper records from external labs to electronic documents sent from another department. With support from Standleys, you can simplify and streamline document control, improving the care that your patients receive.

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Digital Transformation Is an Imperative in Healthcare

Few industries are transforming as rapidly as healthcare is today. Globally, the recent push toward remote medicine and telehealth services has forced medical facilities to reconsider how: 

  • Their patients’ digital experiences impact their lives. 
  • Internal departments leverage data for improved patient outcomes.
  • Document management solutions can reduce or eliminate many of the time-consuming manual processes used today.

But implementing these changes isn’t easy – it requires IT and document management expertise that many healthcare organizations don’t have the resources to maintain in-house. That’s where Standleys comes in. We have the knowledge to solve the modernization challenges facing the healthcare industry, along with a unique approach to technology services that ensures your success.

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Why Leading Healthcare Facilities Trust Standleys

Standley has been transforming businesses for decades. How do we do it? By taking a people-focused approach to delivering business value through technology.

As a family-run business with deep roots in our local community, Standley has always focused on relationship-building. Even though we’re always focused on keeping up with rapid changes in technology, we don’t let that distract us from taking a people-first approach to everything we do.

That’s especially important to us when working with organizations in the public sector, whose day-to-day mission is to support the public that our employees, partners, and clients are all a part of. We focus on making sure the changes and recommendations we implement make a difference – to your employees, your work experience, and your long-term success.

There’s a reason why so many of our clients maintain long-standing relationships with Standley Systems. Not only do we provide quality service, but we reinforce the value we deliver with consistency. And that includes applying consistent effort, integrity, and standards for excellence to every contract we sign and every relationship we build with a new client.

Whenever you work with Standley, we’ll strive to provide technology solutions that don’t sacrifice reliability in the name of speed. So you can trust that we’ve taken the most efficient path to the right answer for your agency’s needs.

Whether we’re helping you improve your security protocols or streamline your document management workflows, our team takes pride in providing services grounded in practical knowledge. Standley technicians often know just as much about the software, copiers, and other products we offer as the companies producing them.

That’s because we make sure that we’re always learning, improving, and testing our approach – and transforming it to stay ahead of the curve. Because our progress is your progress, and our goal is to stay ready to help our clients take control of their technology to keep moving forward.

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About Standley

Standley Systems has changed significantly since it opened its door over 80 years ago, but one thing has remained constant – our belief that community and business don’t have to be in opposition. Even as our services, niche, and even name have changed over the years, we’ve continued to put relationships first, focusing on family values, respect, and cooperative progress.

See how transformative a people-first approach to technology can be.

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Discover How Standleys Can Accelerate Healthcare Modernization

Modernizing your technology infrastructure is essential for delivering better health outcomes – at a lower cost to you, payers, and your patients. Integrating modern solutions for records management ensures that your organization is optimizing its record keeping process for both efficiency and document security.

Having Standleys as a trusted IT partner transforms an organization’s IT and document management experience for the better. Fill out the form to see how we can help you maximize the value of your healthcare document management software.

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