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Oil and Gas Document Scanning Gets a Boost with Digital Transformation

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The oil and gas industry constantly seeks to innovate while reducing costs. Turning to digitization is one solution for boosting high speed operational efficiency. However, many oil and gas companies can be slow to implement document scanning services and remain hesitant to adopt a paperless environment, thinking that they do not have the time to make the switch.

But the advantages abound. Since oil and gas companies produce plenty of paper documents, converting to digitized files can permit easier access to documents; reduce time, resources, and risk managing paper documents; and streamline the document-management process.

For the Oil and Gas Industry, Paper Records Are a Thing of the Past

Rows of file cabinets and stacks of paper records are reminiscent of oil and gas companies’ operations from decades ago. But even today, many companies manage documents via physical means, spending time, resources, and labor to handle all of the papers.

Which Oil and Gas Documents Should Be Digitized?

Many types of documents can be digitized to boost operational efficiency, such as:

  • Business records
  • Maintenance records
  • Royalty agreements
  • Gas records and oil records of sales
  • Employee records
  • Service contracts and agreements
  • Accounting records
  • Geological information
  • Permits, taxes, and other critical documents

Why Go Paperless? The Importance and Advantages of Digital Documents

Imagine doing away with physical files and complex organization. Document scanning services allow you to save space by converting large format documents into digital files accessible with a few mouse clicks or swipes on your mobile phone.

Blueprints, construction plans, maintenance records, CAD files, engineering drawings, architectural plans, contracts, and more can be easily stored and accessed in black and white or full color. Digitized files permit convenient access to your most critical documents wherever you are and whenever you need them.

Compliance Matters

The oil and gas industry is no stranger to matters of compliance and regulation. Documents for identifying your company, permitting operations, and reviewing compliance are needed for any job. And compliance with industry standards often concerns safety and legality — meaning compliance is paramount. Failure to comply can jeopardize a company’s entire operations.

Something as simple as oil and gas document scanning can enable simpler, faster means of checking information, sharing data and instructions, and reviewing best practices. Document scanning services are, therefore, an impactful, if unexpected, compliance tool.

More Secure

Digitizing files and using document scanning services is an investment. But the benefits become quickly apparent. Compared to paper documents, electronic documents are much more secure, enabling:

  • Viewing permissions
  • Password protection
  • Audit histories
  • Secure instant transfer

Paper records are also subject to deterioration, fire, and other physical threats to which digital files are immune.

High Speed Operational Efficiency

Digitized files and digital images will always be more easily shareable than paper documents. Oil and gas document scanning services also organize files for quick look-up and access to documents. Compared to rummaging through file cabinets, digital documents are much more efficient, providing:

  • Reduced operating and storage costs
  • Centralized data to break down information silos
  • Streamlined processes and workflow
  • Easy document verification
  • Improved search using index and tagging functions

Standley Systems Can Help with Document Scanning Services

Standley Systems has been part of the Oklahoma business landscape for more than 80 years and has witnessed the economic highs and lows for generations and seen how businesses change and adapt.

The digital transformation of business is here, and we can provide you with innovative solutions that can streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. Our document scanning services can transform how you do business, providing long-term payoffs that include cost savings, increased convenience, and maximum productivity with minimal margin of error.

Energy companies are part of a decades-old field but also one that’s ripe with innovation and dynamic technologies and techniques. If your company hasn’t yet made the switch to digital documents, now’s the time. Completing oil and gas document scanning will provide long-term, lasting benefits for your company’s efficiency and operations.

Contact Standley Systems to find out more about the process and how you can benefit.

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Written by Kali Mogg

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