Business Phone Systems and Unified Communications

Communication is a key component to any office, and in today’s world, the options for communicating are more numerous than ever.

With mobile technology, you can communicate on-the-go from any location, which is convenient but can also pose challenges. It’s essential your communication services are integrated across platforms and devices as well as secured. Standley Systems is your unified communications specialist.



Companies today need to manage all of their communication platforms under one umbrella, in order to improve collaboration, ensure compliance, and boost productivity. With unified communications from Standley Systems, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your network laser printers, mobile devices, and CRM to enhance communication and collaboration. Standley Systems has the long-standing experience to understand historical methods of communication, plus the cutting-edge expertise to keep up with the trends. We can help implement a solution that is right for you.

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Unified communications are communications that occur across different platforms and formats, from phone to text to IM to email. Unified communications integrate traditional business communications methods with newer and more mobile tools, and span across devices and applications. These communications all work together to support your business. In today’s world, unifying communications means combining past technologies with new ones, integrating the latest and greatest with existing systems.

Business Phone Systems

Standley Systems offers business phone systems for offices in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area. These systems allow staff to stay connected and focused on their work. Today’s complex communication styles demand a wide mix of voice, text, instant message, and mobile solutions. Employees need access to all of these platforms while management needs centralized control to maintain security. Communications platforms should also be integrated with your CRM, ERP, or other business applications. All of our Oklahoma locations including Oklahoma City and Tulsa have expert staff educated in the management of business phone system platforms ready to assist you and your unique needs.

VOIP and SIP Trunking

Voice Over IP (VOIP) is a communications method by which calls are conducted over wi-fi internet. VOIP allows you to eliminate costly traditional phone lines and use your existing internet connection instead. VOIP technology offers crystal clear phone calls without slowing down the rest of your network, is easy to implement, and can be enjoyed in two ways. You can update your phone systems with the latest IP desktop equipment. Or, you can use your existing phone system by installing SIP Trunking technology that connects your PBX system to your internet connection. To learn more about VOIP, please contact our Oklahoma City or Tulsa offices today.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Cloud-based technologies provide a variety of benefits and make cloud-based phone systems possible. These solutions are simple to implement. Desktop phones simply plug into network connections, and applications let users receive calls through their smartphones and computers. With cloud-based phone systems from Standley Systems, managing your phone system is as simple as logging into a centralized online management console. Voicemails can be automatically routed to emails as attachments, and you can add new features for virtually unlimited scalability to your phone system. All while reducing costs.

Unified Voice, Video, and IM

VOIP and cloud-based business phone systems can integrate with personal computers and mobile phones to provide a unified communications experience that includes voice, video, and instant messaging. This combination is ideal in today’s connected and mobile world. From Skype of Business, a part of Microsoft Office 365, to fully-customized systems that integrate with your CRM and other line-of-business applications, we can help you build a fully-unified communications platform.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices have changed the way we do business by increasing productivity, offering immediate access to data, and putting applications at our fingertips. They also allow people to collaborate instantly from disparate locations. However, they come with the challenge of managing the flow of information to and from employee devices. It’s important to make sure your business information is protected and you have complete control over which applications and data employees can access from their mobile devices. Security features keep your information safe as the BYOD (bring your own device) movement continues to grow.


Improve Your Communications

Are you ready to improve your communication and reduce your costs? We’re ready to help. Reach out now to discover the possibilities. Our Oklahoma City and Tulsa teams are ready to assist you.

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