Business Phone Systems and Unified Communications

Communication is a key component to any office, and in today’s world, the options for communicating are
more numerous than ever.

With mobile technology, you can communicate on-the-go from any location, which is convenient but can 
also pose challenges. It’s essential your communication services are integrated across platforms and devices
as well as secured. Standley Systems is your unified communications specialist.

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Keeping Your Communication Platforms in Sync

Companies today need to manage all of their communication platforms under one umbrella, in order to improve collaboration, ensure compliance, and boost productivity. With unified communications from Standley Systems, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your network laser printers, mobile devices, and CRM to enhance communication and collaboration.

Standley Systems has the long-standing experience to understand historical methods of communication, plus the cutting-edge expertise to keep up with the trends. We can help implement a solution that is right for you.

Business Phone Systems


Unified communications are communications that occur across different platforms and formats, from phone to text to IM to email. Unified communications integrate traditional business communications methods with newer and more mobile tools, and span across devices and applications. These communications all work together to support your business. In today’s world, unifying communications means combining past technologies with new ones, integrating the latest and greatest with existing systems.

Improve Your Communications

Are you ready to improve your communication and reduce your costs? We’re ready to help. Reach out now to discover the possibilities. Our teams are ready to assist you.

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