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Staying competitive in today’s evolving and fast-paced marketplace means constantly
evaluating systems, tools and processes to make sure things run as efficiently and
effectively as possible.

When it comes to printers, copiers, scanners, and document workflows that are scalable,
secure and easy to manage, Standley Systems can help!

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Bridging the Paper and Digital Divide

Smart office printers and other imaging equipment can provide a critical bridge between paper and digital information. For those needing to quickly and securely receive and convert digital data to paper, as well as those needing to convert paper documents to digital, Standley team members are here to help assess, understand and tailor solutions that work for you.

Multifunction printers (MFPs) are an efficient way to share, distribute, and duplicate information in whatever medium your business needs. Their scanning functions allow you to scan physical documents in the appropriate digital format, saving you time and money while streamlining your document workflows.



Office Print Technology

Whether you have a dozen printers in a single office or thousands of devices in multiple locations across Oklahoma or across the country, we're ready to help manage your printer environment and keep everything running smoothly.

We understand modern businesses need advanced printers that can connect to cloud services, securely transmit and receive sensitive information, operate cost-effectively – and are user friendly. Helping employees get what they need when they need it is a critical consideration with any Standley assessment.

We also understand office needs vary by company and environment, and everyone deserves their own unique solution.

Our team is happy to recommend equipment and software solutions that best fit your organization, implemented with security protocols that allow you to use connected office devices safely and productively.

Advanced printing, copying and scanning solutions with Standley Systems

When investing in smart office equipment, it’s important to know your investment will net the returns you need. With so many options available today, we encourage you to let a Standley representative help construct a solution that’s right for you.

Why Standley Systems for Laser Printers and Copiers

Fast Warm-up and Printing Speeds

Standley Systems can help you choose and maintain reliable office equipment that starts up and prints quickly. Work with our team to find commercial-grade office copiers, printers, and scanners that work as fast as you do while producing the high volumes you need.

High-Quality DPI

Get help choosing multifunction printers that produce documents and images with the dots-per-inch (DPI) that fits your business needs. Print high-quality materials to impress potential clients, partners, and customers.

Unparalleled Security Features

Although smart printers can often pose security risks, you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of connected printing capabilities. Let our experts help you implement security solutions for your office equipment.

Cloud-based and Mobile Printing

You can print anything saved in your online cloud storage systems from any office or location with cloud-based printing. Give your staff convenient, always-on access to the documents they need when they need them.

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Let Standley Systems help upgrade your office technology solutions

Are you ready to see how modern, internet-connected office copiers, printers, and scanners can enhance your productivity and document management?

You can rely on our team to help source the equipment, software applications, and security solutions you need to transform your business capabilities and workflows.

Standley Systems has been helping Oklahoma businesses leverage new and advanced technology for over 85 years, offering statewide coverage that reaches each of the seventy-seven counties in Oklahoma. Our team of experts is always ready to keep your systems, equipment, and software up to date and secure.




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