Protect Business Continuity. Standley Systems Can Help.  

Imagine your business has an unexpected electrical surge or flooding, or your cloud storage provider has a service disruption–what would you do? For most businesses, these scenarios would cause major disruptions to operations and customer service, as critical business processes, applications, and data would be inaccessible.


In the event of a disaster or disruption, your business needs to have a business continuity plan. Organizations are far too familiar with the impact of these types of events. 

From tornadoes and snowstorms to fires, floods, hurricanes, or vandalism, it’s critical to develop an emergency management plan that would preserve the digital resources your business needs to operate and survive. 

See how Standley Systems can help you develop a comprehensive business continuity program that ensures that key personnel has recovery strategies to regain access to your most critical applications and data.


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What is business continuity and why does it matter?

Most businesses rely on technology to get work done, no matter what kind of services or products they deliver or who their customers are. Across industries, modern organizations often rely on customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning, and human resources (HR) tools.


These software applications store critical information that your business needs to stay profitable. If the worst happens and a storm, fire, or flood cuts power to your servers, disconnects you from cloud storage platforms and remote data centers, or compromises your systems, you need data recovery plans and business continuity management (BCM) in place so your business can get up and running again.

A complete business continuity strategy  includes both paper and digital data. Standley Systems  combines rich experience in IT with decades of expertise in document management to deliver comprehensive business continuity solutions.

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How our business continuity consulting supports your business

Having a business continuity plan helps businesses plan for the unexpected and maintain their service and production during an emergency situation. As part of our comprehensive managed services offering, Standley Systems can help develop your business continuity management plan in just three steps: 


1) analyze

2) plan

3) implement

First, we determine the maturity of any existing business continuity strategies you may have. Then we develop a shared procedure for your disaster recovery plan’s continuous improvement. Over time, our team works with you to develop shared emergency strategies and plans that keep your critical applications and data safe and your business viable.

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GAP analysis

We analyze the existing aspects of your business continuity management plan or IT emergency management system. To understand the maturity level of your existing recovery and emergency management plans, we interview key personnel, assess networking and storage failover protocols, and identify areas for improvement.


Improvement planning

Based on our analysis, we help define the measures needed to improve the maturity of your business continuity plan. We assist in develop pragmatic approaches and measures that help establish a suitable business continuity plan that evolves and improves over time.



We work with you to implement the improvement plan designed, implemented, and operated based on the standards ISO 22301 and ISO 27031. And we help you coach selected BCM officers on how to implement and establish management tasks. This will give you the tools needed to handle a disaster or major incident, so you can act and react precisely and effectively in the event of an emergency.


Who needs business continuity support?

No matter what size your business or what industry you’re in, you can benefit from business continuity planning. From hospitals and emergency services to financial firms and property management, businesses across industries rely on applications, as well as customer and employee data to function.

How complicated and layered your business continuity strategy needs to be will depend on how much data you need to protect in case of an emergency or service disruption. Our team can assess the risks and vulnerabilities for your business to develop a tailored BCM strategy that meets your needs.

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Business continuity support can impact all areas of your business.  

Consistent Cloud-Based Backup

A solid workflow begins with the ability to capture information from scanned documents. Our document capture and document scanning solutions use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automate this process and read data from your scanned documents. This data can then be used to name files and index documents, and conditional logic triggers the next steps in the workflow.

Virtual Desktops

Getting documents to the right location can be challenging, but accurate routing is essential for running business operations smoothly. With document routing technology and virtualized desktops, scanned documents can be automatically routed to the right person, department, or storage location. Combining software with customized control panels on your multifunction copiers makes this task easy for end-users.

Document Management

Paper-based information can become the biggest data-loss threat in a fire, flood, or tornado. With document management solutions from Standley Systems, your key documents are scanned to a central repository which can then be backed up to the cloud like your other data.

Support Staff

When it comes time to recover your business after a disaster, you can trust the team at Standley Systems to be there. Our support team will work with you to quickly reconfigure your network and get you back up and running.


Business Continuity Support isn't "One Size Fits All" 

Each company has different IT, software, and data resources that they need to protect in the event of a natural disaster or unexpected system failure. Our team completes a thorough assessment of each customer’s risks and vulnerabilities to develop a comprehensive business continuity plan.

Standley Systems can deliver service packages that meet your business continuity needs and your budget, and it all starts with an assessment of your IT infrastructure, We use business impact analysis (BIA) to understand where your critical data and applications are stored, what cloud platforms your teams use, and how to best preserve your digital resources in the event of service disruption for any reason.

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Business Continuity

How Standley Systems supports business continuity across industries

These days, companies across industries rely on critical business applications and cloud computing to get work done, manage important customer relationships, and document and plan business decisions. 


We’ve helped businesses in education, healthcare, finance, and other industries successfully plan and execute business continuity strategies with our cloud backup, virtualization, and other managed services. 

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Work with Standley Systems to plan for business continuity

Your business applications, data, and IT infrastructure are essential to your success. While no one can avoid a natural disaster or prevent an unexpected fire, effective business leaders can and do plan for the worst and how to mitigate the damage.

Ensure that your business is ready to maintain business continuity with services from Standley Systems. Our team helps customers ensure that their cloud-based backups, desktop virtualization, document management, and field service are ready when the unexpected happens. Contact us  today to learn what kind of business continuity plan we recommend for you.

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