I.T. Solutions: Business Continuity

Could your business survive a disaster? Oklahoma organizations are far too familiar with the impact of disasters. From tornadoes to fire, flood, or vandalism, it’s critical to consider how your business could survive.



A complete business continuity solution includes both paper and digital data. Standley Systems combines rich experience in I.T. with decades of expertise in document management to deliver comprehensive business continuity solutions.


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Consistent Cloud-Based Backup

A solid workflow begins with the ability to capture information from scanned documents. Our document capture and document scanning solutions use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automate this process and read data from your scanned documents. This data can then be used to name files and index documents, and conditional logic triggers the next steps in the workflow.

Virtual Desktops

Getting documents to the right location can be challenging, but accurate routing is essential for smooth running operations. With document routing technology, scanned documents can be automatically routed to the right person, department, or storage location. Combining software with customized control panels on your multifunction copiers makes this task easy for end-users.

Document Management

Paper-based information can become the biggest data-loss threat in a fire, flood, or tornado. With document management solutions from Standley Systems, your key documents are scanned to a central repository which can then be backed up to the cloud like your other data.

Field Service Staff

When it comes time to recover your business after a disaster, you can trust the team at Standley Systems to be there. Our field support team will work with you to quickly reconfigure your network and get you back up and running.


Ensure Your Business Continuity

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