Network Monitoring

Network monitoring for your Oklahoma City and Tulsa business can help you keep track of your IT devices to reduce costs, minimize downtime, and reduce unnecessary security risks.

The net result is a partner to manage and optimize your technology infrastructure which saves you money, saves your employees time, reducing risk, and maximizing productivity.


Asset Tracking Solutions - Network Monitoring and Asset Tracking

Managing so much technology can be a challenge. Keeping track of assets, licenses, and contracts can be frustrating. But what if there were a way to do this that also helped you reduce downtime and save money?

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Contract and License Management

Unlicensed software poses a substantial risk that many companies are not aware of. On the other hand, you may be paying for software licenses that are not being used. Things get even more complicated with you add the different contracts or leases for your equipment. We help you manage your devices, licenses, and contracts in one central system.



Many service interruptions could be identified proactively by observing problematic patterns. Our Asset Tracking solutions continually scan your infrastructure looking for potential issues that can be avoided. Our goal is to identify trends before they become outages, keeping your business up-and-running.

Network Monitoring and Configuration Management

Network monitoring can be a big headache for companies that find themselves overwhelmed with connecting devices. It can be hard to keep track of what devices are deployed and how they are configured. A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) keeps track of items in your IT infrastructure, maps relationships between devices, and predicts the impact that incidents or changes may have on your environment.


Start Tracking Your IT Assets

Are you ready to get control of your IT infrastructure? It all begins with an assessment of your current assets. Our expert staff in Oklahoma City and Tulsa will examine your network and then physically photograph, categorize, and index your devices in a secure cloud system. End the frustration and contact us today.

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