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Business transformation–also referred to as digital transformation–has become a boardroom buzzword across industries, but many companies aren’t sure how to implement transformative practices.

At Standley Systems, we regularly talk with business leaders in Oklahoma and beyond who need help strategizing how to use cloud computing, business software, and office equipment to transform and stay competitive. Business transformation looks different in every company. And to innovate new ways to optimize administration, security, and production, organizational leaders often need more than new software. Successful transformations ensure that staff and core business processes are ready to make the most of its new and existing technological tools and digital capabilities.

Learn how Standley Systems helps businesses like yours update their approach to using technology to support your long-term goals. We deliver the IT solutions and support you need to achieve better business outcomes and optimize your business model.

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When does an organization need business transformation?

Because of the focus on “digital transformation,” leaders outside the IT and software industries often think that technology-driven transformation is the domain of CIOs and other IT professionals. In reality, businesses can often benefit from organizational transformation across departments and teams.

Business Transformation

Another common misconception people have is that a business transformation project has a definite end date. However, well-executed, strategic transformation is not an end result–it’s an ongoing effort to keep your people, processes, and technologies up to par with modern capabilities and customers expectations, even as technology continues to advance and evolve. To stay competitive, you need to approach business transformation as a long-term strategy, rather than a short-term goal, and Standley Systems can help you do that.

These days, practically every company relies on core business applications to get administrative and production work done, especially as more employees and customers are serviced remotely. From your Human Resource department’s management and payroll tools to your Sales teams’ customer relationship management (CRM) software, there are opportunities across your organization to use technology more efficiently, more securely, and more cost-effectively.

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Integrate your people, processes, and technology to transform your business.


According to Harvard Business Review, business or digital transformation is more about transforming how organizations and their teams interact with and leverage digital tools rather than updating the technology itself. That means using management transformation to develop a corporate culture that supports innovation and business agility.

Business transformation projects don’t really end–it should be an ongoing transformation process that continually uses technology and digital solutions to develop new ways to work and generate business value. But none of that is possible without cultural transformation. Often, workers view the introduction of new tools and IT systems as a disruption to their work.

With a managed service provider like Standley Systems, you can focus on change management, preparing your teams to shift how they approach and use technology in the workplace. We work with customers to develop technology and business strategies that meet your individual needs. 

Your employees shouldn’t see critical business applications or security protocols as barriers to their productivity and success. With our help, customers can integrate technology solutions and IT services that fit within their existing technology stack and meet their teams’ needs, allowing them to achieve their goals more easily.


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How Standley Systems helps improve and transform your business performance

Standley Systems provides a range of managed services and solutions that help our customers develop a holistic technology strategy that fits the needs of their business, their teams, and their industry.

We help customers across industries manage critical business tools, applications, and IT infrastructure. Our services enable their teams with modern capabilities that keep them productive and competitive, including management and support for:

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How Standley Systems brings business transformation to you

Standley Systems helps customers develop new operating models that integrate the best software solutions for their needs, while also providing process and technology optimization support. 

Successful business transformation takes into account that usability matters–if your people and processes aren’t prepared to easily use and integrate new technology into daily business operations, then your investments won’t have the impact you’re looking for. Our business transformation services can help you ensure that you’re addressing culture and process transformation, at the same time that you’re updating technology solutions and security protocols.

Process Optimization

Every organization has a set of core processes when using the business applications and equipment that they rely on for day-to-day work. When these processes run smoothly, your employee and customer satisfaction will reflect that. When processes are inefficient, people often get frustrated. Our team helps you identify and improve core processes and security policies .

Technology Optimization

Today’s businesses run on technology, including business applications, automated IT services, desktop virtualization, and business phone systems. The challenge is that most businesses have accumulated a wide variety of poorly integrated technology throughout the years, which often drives inefficiency, creates support issues, and causes unnecessary security risks. We evaluate your technology infrastructure and help you build an optimized technology plan.

Document Lifecycle Management

Documents drive business processes. Whether they are on paper or digital,, the way documents flow through your organization determines the productivity of your operation and security of your data. You get a complete review of your core business documents from creation to archive, helping you identify areas for improvement.

Software Solution Integration

What if your CRM platforms like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics could exchange information with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools and legacy line-of-business applications? Imagine being able to click a link inside your CRM or ERP and instantly access scanned customer documents. Our software integration team can make this a reality, revolutionizing your productivity.


Pricing for business transformation support

Our team recognizes that each business has unique transformation needs and opportunities. To provide managed IT services that support your business and its transformation, Standley Systems starts every customer relationship with an assessment that allows us to tailor our services and pricing to you.

For new customers, we set up a consultation and IT system assessment to provide the best combination of process and technology optimization, document lifecycle management, and software solution integration services for your business and budget.


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How the Standley team helps businesses across industries transform

Standley Systems has experienced IT professionals ready to help you develop long-term business strategies that leverage existing and new technologies to help you stay competitive. Learn how our team has helped business across industries transform with our comprehensive managed services and IT solutions:

  • Architecture 
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Non-profit
Business Transformation

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Ready to transform how your business and its teams use technology to get ahead? Our team has helped companies in healthcare, education, finance, and other industries make better use of their technology, leading to innovation and productivity that support their long-term success.

Contact Standley Systems today–we’ll assess your business’s current technology capabilities and develop a strategic implementation plan to optimize your IT systems and better integrate new and existing solutions.

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