Business Transformation

Most Oklahoma organizations we talk with want to find ways to integrate technology to transform their businesses. It just makes sense to look for intelligent ways to use technology to make your company more efficient, more secure, and more economical. 
While the benefits of transformation are appealing, you need to make smart technology decisions. You need a partner that takes the time to understand your current processes and culture so that the solutions you implement can be easily adopted. You need a local team of professionals to back you up with training and support.


Business Transformation

Standley Systems can guide you through the journey of transforming your business. You can take advantage of a variety of services to help you integrate people, processes, and technology.


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Process Optimization

Every organization has a set of core processes. When these processes run smoothly you find happy employees and happy clients. When processes are inefficient, people get frustrated. Our team helps you identify and improve core processes. Learn More>

Technology Optimization

Today’s businesses run on technology. The challenge is that most businesses have accumulated technology throughout the years. This wide variety of systems can drive inefficiency and create support issues while causing unnecessary security risks. We evaluate your technology infrastructure and help you build an optimized technology plan. Learn More>

Document Lifecycle Management

Documents drive business processes. Whether they are in paper, digital, or email format, the way documents flow through your organization determines the productivity of your operation and security of your data. You get a complete review of your core business documents from creation to archive, helping you identify areas for improvement. Learn More>

Software Solution Integration

What if your CRM platforms like or Microsoft Dynamics could talk to your ERP and legacy line-of-business applications? Imagine being able to click a link inside your CRM or ERP and instantly access scanned customer documents. Our software integration team can make this a reality, revolutionizing your productivity. Learn More>


Transform Your Business

Would you like a partner to help you transform your business? Standley Systems is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how you could benefit.