Public and Private Cloud

Cloud solutions are common today and a great solution for many businesses. The public cloud is a solution hosted on the public internet that a business can pay to use as a service. While the private cloud refers to a more secure, individualized cloud solution often implemented on owned printers and copiers within your Tulsa or Oklahoma City office.

This is why Tulsa and Oklahoma City businesses use cloud backup solutions at Standley Systems. First, cloud backup helps streamline the daily workflow and provides secure storage. Speaking of security, the cloud offers valuable security that businesses absolutely need in the digital age. And finally, cloud backup has enhanced capabilities like artificial intelligence to incorporate into your productivity.


Cloud Backup Solutions

Most OKC and Tulsa organizations use a variety of cloud backup services for storage and collaboration. However, without a central management strategy, these solutions may be creating unnecessary security risks and costs. You can look to the team at Standley Systems to help you manage your cloud solutions. In addition to helping you streamline and secure your cloud services, we can quickly provision and delete users as your needs change. We have a variety of cloud backup solutions available and are proud providers of HPE cloud solutions including the turnkey composable cloud that offers enhanced capabilities like end-to-end automation, built-in AI operations, and much more.


Get Started

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Scale in the Cloud

Delivering new IT managed services for Tulsa and Oklahoma City businesses is fast and complex, but the cloud makes your processes and deploying new resources extremely quick and easy. The cloud offers the ability to scale with your business, growing as you do.

The cloud network is dynamic and can be adapted in minutes and on an ongoing basis. The cloud offers access to anyone from any location, providing convenience when new users come on board.

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Operate in the Cloud

Are you ready to move your business into the cloud? Contact the team at Standley Systems today to learn more about how your Oklahoma City and Tulsa business could benefit from migration into a public or private cloud.