Your online backup and core I.T. infrastructure forms the backbone of your business. With the right systems, storage, and security in place, your network can bear the weight of daily operations without fear of constant interruptions.

With the wrong infrastructure, your organizational goals are hampered, employees become frustrated, and customers get poor support. The solutions listed below can be customized for your Oklahoma City or Tulsa office.




Standley Systems helps your organization deploy, secure, and manage the I.T. Infrastructure that you need. Your office gets a professional partner that works to understand your goals, minimize your risks, and maximize your productivity. We work with you to provide network design, deployment, security and support.


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Flexible Network Structures

Today’s business networks go well beyond the four walls of a corporate headquarters, extending to branch offices and remote employee locations. Rather than looking at your LAN and wireless networks separately, you need a smart networking strategy that encompasses all of the above. We help our clients build and deploy an integrated networking strategy that includes all aspects of your network: wired, wireless, and cellular.

  • Next generation switches with maximum throughput to handle growing bandwidth demands
  • Screaming fast Wi-Fi solutions with the tightest security standards
  • Integrated cellular solutions that extend the secure reach of your network


Network storage used to mean a big server in a closet down the hall or an air-conditioned server room. These days, online storage is distributed throughout on-premise and cloud services. In reality, today’s organizations have a hybrid deployment of servers on-site and cloud servers. We help you understand your current network infrastructure, while at the same time, looking for ways to optimize your environment.

  • On-Premise data storage solutions with access to the latest server technology remotely monitored and backed up through our Oklahoma City based Network Operations Center.
  • Cloud solutions with scalable server systems in highly-secured and encrypted facilities.

Virtual Desktops

Desktop computers and laptops present significant security, scalability, and management issues. With virtual desktops your users get the same familiar desktop. However, instead of computing being done on the PC or laptop, computing is done on powerful centralized servers. Deploying virtual desktops mitigates many of these risks by providing a centralized computing environment that can be easily scaled to your needs. New software and updates can be instantly deployed across your users.

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Optimize Your Infrastructure

Is your Oklahoma City or Tulsa business ready to optimize your infrastructure and explore online storage and other office solutions? Contact us today to learn more about how Standley Systems could help.