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With the advent of digital technologies and storage databases, paper documents are becoming a thing of the past. Filing cabinets are being replaced by cloud storage, and scanning processes can protect and preserve original records. Not only are paper documents hard to store, difficult to disseminate, and even more of a pain to secure, they’re just obsolete. 

With a partner like Standley Systems, you can manage, scan, and digitize essential documents. The right document management software and document scanning services can provide you much-needed security and convenience. Standley Systems can ensure expedience and your peace of mind throughout the scanning process. 

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We provide document scanning, indexing, and digitization services so your business processes can go on like usual while we do our work. No interns, temps, or filing clerks needed when you’ve got a regimented filing system that deals with scanning and digitizing incoming documents, making past and current correspondence and documents easier to manage. This allows for accessibility and security for any type of document. Physical or digital images, digital documents, or editable files can all be handled with the right document management system. 

Whether you need document scanning and digitizing as one bulk project or you’re interested in ongoing services, we can customize our support to meet your business’s needs. Especially if you’re interested in generating digital formats to allow for remote access, Standley Systems can help preserve and update your records  even with sensitive information so all your employees can have the access they need to work from anywhere.

Trusted document scanning services with a strong reputation

Our document scanning/indexing services are available for businesses all across the region. We’re here to simplify how you access, store, and receive your documents. Records, correspondence, documents, or any other kind of information - it can all be centralized and accessible. This is a vital part of digital transformation if you’re interested in modernizing your business and its record-keeping. Even if your industry and business is completely reliant on paper files, you don’t have to be. 
It’s better to be ahead of the curve in these matters. Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, or education, someday your industry will realize the insecurity and inconvenience of physical documents. By beginning your document conversion now, you’re saving yourself and your business from a lot of stress later. 
Standley Systems has a team trusted by all types of businesses. If you need long-term support or help with a specific project, we treat every business with the same quality control, security, and organization. This is vital for maintaining efficiency in such a complex process, ensuring that document conversion improves your business and its operations. 

We’ve scanned over 4 million pages across a long-term project and we can do the same for you. Contact us today to learn how our document scanning and digitizing services can help your business. 

Trusted document scanning services with a strong reputation


Step 1: Review Project Specs

First, we work with you to understand and define the scope of your project. That way we can establish a timeline, the approximate amount of documents that need to be dealt with, where the scanning can take place, and what kind of security concerns and documents are involved. It’s at this point we decide if there are sensitive documents, like financial or medical records, that need to be handled with care. We establish whether external secure facilities are needed, transport, and the logistics involved with handling particularly sensitive documents.

Step 2: Prep and Scan Documents

Once we’ve established a timeline, we can organize and prepare the documents to expedite the process. We group files based on document size, then separate sensitive documents, and modify the process accordingly.

Step 3: Receive and Validate Output

PACE Business Operating Systems streamline and automate our document scanning process. Before any project, we test to confirm the equipment and processes are all working effectively. This lowers the potential for damaging, missing, or incorrectly scanning any documents. After the testing process, the original documents are scanned and digital documents are available.

Step 4: Index and Quality Assurance

Our team then takes inventory of all documents received,  ensuring our equipment has a record of all the files. We then process our document scanning in batches and double-check that each physical document has been scanned and digitized for accessibility and indexing.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably still have a lot of questions about our service, processes, and the security of it all. You’re not alone - consult these frequently asked questions to learn more about things ranging from our business scanning services to what document imaging software we use.  

“We called Standley Systems for a time-sensitive scanning project and were very happy with the result. In just one day, they were able to scan 45,000 images and deliver all images and hard files ahead of deadline. We now know where to go when we need quality help – fast!"

Ed Stewart
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