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Whether at the municipal or state level, government agencies often need help maximizing the value and impact of their technology investments. Standley Systems has worked with government agencies of all sizes – including Oklahoma state departments.

See how our expert team implements and manages the critical technology products and services modern agencies need to:

  • Better serve the public.
  • Minimize expenses and increase efficiency.
  • Overcome operational challenges and security risks.

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Fulfilling the Needs of Modern Government

Government organizations are faced with numerous management and security challenges. Increasingly distributed workforces, automated workflows, and connected copiers and printers have changed their technology requirements and day-to-day operations. While these changes have improved how municipal and state agencies serve and connect with the public, they also require continual support. That’s where Standleys expert help comes in.


IT Infrastructure and Managed Services

Standleys helps municipal and state organizations implement infrastructure, network monitoring, and asset tracking with the enterprise-grade capabilities you need. Our partnership with HP Enterprise allows agencies to take advantage of servers, switches, firewalls, desktops, laptops, and more. These systems are all backed by our configuration and implementation services so you can have peace of mind with expert support is a call away.

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Document lifecycle Management

Unlike other large organizations, public sector agencies often have to contend with managing large quantities of both digital and paper documents. Our team understands the complexity this adds and will work with you to devise records management to ensure you secure, search, retrieve, and retain both electronic documents and paper-based public records. See how we can help you select and implement document management software that simplifies it all.

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Printing Solutions

Standley provides both managed print services and production printing solutions tailored to the security needs of government agencies. We work with your team to devise a print solution that simplifies your workflows, keeps your data secure, and saves your staff time and effort – so they can focus on high-value initiatives. And we can also document management for government use cases with any print solutions that you need, including purchasing laser printers or multifunction copiers.

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Streamlined Purchasing Process

Every moment that your technology challenges go unaddressed costs additional time and effort down the road. Through the State of Oklahoma’s contracts HP Enterprise SW1020HP networking equipment and SW1013S for Document Lifecycle services, Oklahoma state and local government locations can take advantage of streamlined purchasing processes. 

Find out how you can use contract vehicles to work with us and accelerate your path to improved networking and document management systems.

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Technology, the Standley Way

Standleys has been transforming businesses across Oklahoma and beyond for decades. How do we do it? By taking a people-focused approach to delivering business value through technology.

As a family-run business with deep roots in our local community, Standley has always focused on relationship-building. Even though we’re always focused on keeping up with rapid changes in technology, we don’t let that distract us from taking a people-first approach to everything we do.

That’s especially important to us when working with organizations in the public sector, whose day-to-day mission is to support the public that our employees, partners, and clients are all a part of. We focus on making sure the changes and recommendations we implement make a difference – to your employees, your work experience, and your long-term success.

There’s a reason why so many of our clients maintain long-standing relationships with Standley Systems. Not only do we provide quality service, but we reinforce the value we deliver with consistency. And that includes applying consistent effort, integrity, and standards for excellence to every contract we sign and every relationship we build with a new client.

Whenever you work with Standley, we’ll strive to provide technology solutions that don’t sacrifice reliability in the name of speed. So you can trust that we’ve taken the most efficient path to the right answer for your agency’s needs.

Whether we’re helping you improve your security protocols or streamline your document management workflows, our team takes pride in providing services grounded in practical knowledge. Standley technicians often know just as much about the software, copiers, and other products we offer as the companies producing them.

That’s because we make sure that we’re always learning, improving, and testing our approach – and transforming it to stay ahead of the curve. Because our progress is your progress, and our goal is to stay ready to help our clients take control of their technology to keep moving forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

Standley has a long history of working with municipal and state government agencies. Learn more from answers to these frequently asked questions.


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