Cybersecurity is a growing concern for today’s businesses, with hacks and attacks on the rise. Keeping your systems like your laser printers and copiers in Tulsa, and document scanning software in Oklahoma City safe and secure is more important than ever.

Almost every day you see news articles about large companies that have been hacked. What you don’t hear about is the more vulnerable mid-sized companies, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations that have been compromised. Yet there is a wide variety of threats that might impact your business and it’s essential you prepare for these accordingly. Cybersecurity in Oklahoma City is both necessary and available to you.




It’s time to get serious about information security. Standley Systems helps companies across Oklahoma and the United States establish and enforce comprehensive data security plans. From large companies to small businesses and not-for-profit organizations, we are here to help with an information security plans and top-of-the-line cybersecurity. Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City can rest assured that we will keep them safe.

You wouldn’t consider not locking the doors of your business at night. However, for organizations without a security plan, there are many back doors into their network that leave them at the mercy of hackers, malware, and ransomware. Even worse, many of these companies don’t have a backup and disaster recovery strategy in place.


Get Started

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Information Privacy

State and federal regulations require various industries to protect the privacy of confidential health and financial information. Information security includes password-protected access to files and encryption. It also includes secure printing and secure mobile solutions. We help you identify and correct potential privacy issues.

Potential Threats

Based on your priorities and privacy requirements, we then look for potential threats that hackers or competitors could pose. We take a comprehensive approach when looking at your computer network, WiFi, laser printers, mobile devices, cloud services, and even paper-based information. Our goal is to identify and prioritize your top information security risks and then address them.

Privacy Policy

With priorities, privacy needs, and potential threats identified, we can help you develop a written information security policy. This document outlines your security procedures, helping you proactively establish practices to protect your data.

Information Protection

Once the plan is built, we help you protect your network around the clock. From network monitoring services and asset management solutions Tulsa businesses rely on, to software updates, and backup solutions OKC organizations trust, it’s like you get a 24-hour security guard watching your company’s digital infrastructure.

Backup Disaster Recovery

Standley Systems offers online backup data recovery in the event your data is compromised during a cybersecurity event. This ensures a copy of your information is tucked away safely in a highly-secure cloud environment. As data is your most important asset, it’s essential you protect it. If a threat does occur or you lose some data, backup disaster recovery will get you back up and running quickly and ensure business continuity. See how we implement data recovery

Remote Monitoring

Hackers are constantly roaming the internet looking for vulnerable companies and networks. Meanwhile, critical pieces of infrastructure like hard drives may be on the edge of failure. You need someone watching your network for problems. When your business utilizes our IT managed services in Tulsa, we are constantly on alert at our operations center in Oklahoma City while we watch your network. When problems are identified, we work to resolve them before they cause downtime or something much worse.


Secure Your Network

Do you want to identify potential risks and secure your network from them? Contact us and see how Standley Systems can help improve your cybersecurity and keep you protected.