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Zebra Healthcare Technology Solutions: Admissions & Positive Patient Identification

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The Healthcare Industry is fast paced and often times intense industry so having solutions and equipment to make their workflow run smoother is essential. Zebra is involved in many of those solutions with multiple pieces of equipment that aid in workflow function.

Admissions and Positive Patient Identification

Zebra's cutting-edge patient identification solutions play a pivotal role in revolutionizing healthcare by significantly reducing errors and enhancing patient safety. Studies have shown that as high as 14% of medical records contain inaccuracies that can pose risks to patients, stemming from outdated manual methods like verbal verification or handwritten wristbands. These errors not only compromise patient care but also impact the overall quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

By leveraging Zebra's innovative technology, healthcare facilities can seamlessly access vital patient information throughout the entire healthcare journey, ensuring accuracy and precision in patient identification. The integration of advanced wristband printing solutions like the ZD510-HC printer, equipped with antimicrobial-coated Z-Band® wristbands, enhances patient safety and streamlines staff productivity. With Zebra's state-of-the-art equipment and software solutions, healthcare providers can mitigate errors, improve workflow efficiency, and ultimately deliver superior care to their patients.


Below are a few essential tools that can assist in admissions and positive patient identification, along with their functions:

  • TC5X: 

The TC5X Series presents a range of mobile computers that offer a rugged design, exceptional performance, and seamless usability. These devices are crafted to boost productivity through cutting-edge hardware and software, setting a new standard in mobile computing excellence.

  • ZD510-HC: 

The ZD510-HC wristband printing solution pairs the reliable ZD510-HC direct thermal printer with convenient, easy-to-load cartridges containing the exclusive antimicrobial-coated Z-Band® wristbands by Zebra. This innovative printer ensures accurate wristband printing, enhancing patient safety and boosting staff productivity.

  • ZD600 series desktop printer:

The ZD600 Series desktop printers come in a variety of models including thermal transfer, direct thermal, healthcare, and RFID options. With print widths of 4 inches and 2 inches, these top-notch printers bring industrial-grade printing capabilities to a compact desktop size. They offer rapid print speeds, superior print quality, easy manageability, and enhanced security features.

Now you know how Zebra products can truly make a difference in your workflows especially if you are in the healthcare industry. If you are interested in Zebra products or want more information, contact us at 800-522-3725 or email info@standleys.com.

Rachel Redemer

Written by Rachel Redemer

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