Scale Your Success with Managed Public and Private Cloud Solutions

Businesses that want to maintain their competitive edge are operating in cloud environments. With more IT workloads and increased reliance on essential applications, as well as distributed workforces and customer bases, companies need reliable cloud resources that will be available when they need them and be ready to scale when needs change and demands grow.


Using hybrid cloud infrastructure–both public and private cloud–allows you to maximize and scale the performance of critical applications and services on public platforms while securely storing sensitive information within private cloud environments. But being able to effectively use IT resources across public and private cloud environments can be difficult, especially if you don't enough skilled staff in-house to migrate, manage, and backup your systems.

Cloud Storage

Operating resources across hybrid cloud infrastructure requires IT experience that can be difficult for midsize and small businesses to recruit and retain. At Standley Systems, our IT professionals can help you organize, deploy, and manage the hybrid cloud IT infrastructure that your business needs. Having access to our IT staff–who can manage, help secure, and migrate your cloud resources–allows you to avoid disruptive downtime, security breaches, and inefficient operations.


Set your business up for scalability with our cloud migration, management and backup solutions and services

Standley Systems helps businesses in Oklahoma implement cloud solutions that support their businesses security, productivity, and scalability.

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Cloud Migration Services

As industry demands have changed and pushed companies to move workloads to cloud environments, companies have often integrated cloud capabilities in a piecemeal or ad hoc fashion. This approach–adding new storage, networking, or backup solutions as needed to keep moving forward–has helped businesses access modern IT capabilities but leaves businesses without a cohesive strategy that accounts for long-term costs and security risks. 

Standley Systems can help you migrate your resources to consistent public and private cloud environments. Once you have a consistent cloud strategy, we can help you tap into enhanced capabilities including: composable cloud solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI) data processing and end-to-end IT automation.

Cloud Backup and Management

Managed effectively, using public and private cloud infrastructure can set your business up for long-term success and growth, but complex cloud management requires skill, experience, and strategy. A hybrid cloud approach allows you to have the option to deploy and scale applications and services on public cloud platforms while retaining more security and control over sensitive data in a private cloud environment. 


Let our IT professionals manage, deploy, and back up your cloud resources so you can focus on value - creating projects that drive your business forward. We can manage, provision, and scale your cloud resources as the tools you and the users who need access change over time.


Standley Systems enables businesses across industries with private and public cloud capabilities

As a managed services provider, we specialize in developing IT operations strategies that help your business scale and maintain their competitive advantage, even in markets often disrupted by emerging technologies. In the last few decades, virtually every company has had to develop a technology strategy to stay competitive, and that’s an area where Standley Systems has plenty of experience and expertise.


We help companies across a variety of industries to adapt their cloud infrastructure so that the applications they use and the services they provide are set up to help them reach their business goals and seize new opportunities as customer demands evolve.


Find out how we develop custom cloud solutions for companies in these industries, helping them take advantage of the digital transformation potential of IT automation, intelligent operations, and more.










Standley Systems can help your business develop a holistic cloud management strategy that matches your needs for cloud backup, storage, security, and scalability.

We know that successful businesses need technology strategies that take into account their unique needs. We tailor our services and pricing to support your long-term growth and success. At Standley Systems, every customer relationship starts with a thorough assessment of your technology infrastructure and needs, so we can see what solutions and strategies you need now and in the future.


Contact us today to discuss a technology infrastructure assessment so we can deliver the best combination of public and private cloud solutions for your cloud operations and budget.


We support businesses across Oklahoma and the United States with flexible public and private cloud solutions

Standley Systems has successfully helped companies in Oklahoma City and Tulsa and beyond grow their business with comprehensive solutions that standardize their cloud environments and set them up for success.


Companies and organizations across Oklahoma like the College of the Muscogee Nation have trusted Standley Systems to support and transform their IT infrastructure and processes.


We understand how to help businesses like yours manage and scale your cloud capabilities to make a meaningful difference in your team’s productivity and performance.


Want to learn more about how we help businesses across a variety of industries scale with public and private cloud?

Want to learn more about how we help businesses across a variety of industries scale with public and private cloud?

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