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Although large-scale hacks are the ones often making headlines, mid-market operations need to focus on cybersecurity even more than large enterprises do. Midsize companies, small businesses, and nonprofits all run and rely on IT systems that are vulnerable to a wide range of cybersecurity threats, including data breaches, malicious software, malware, ransomware attacks, and hackers.


Securing your business’s sensitive information, monitoring your systems, and preparing effective disaster recovery plans are all critical risk management steps in protecting your cloud and on-premises IT infrastructure from exposure.

See how Standley Systems can help you identify and mitigate risks before your systems are compromised and your business is impacted.


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Standley Systems provides midsize businesses with comprehensive information security, disaster recovery, and remote monitoring services tailored for your needs

Information Security



Depending on their industry and location, organizations need to secure certain information based on a variety of state and federal regulations. These rules can and do change frequently, making it difficult for midsize and small businesses to manage their information security and privacy policies in-house efficiently and cost effectively. Let us help you protect and encrypt your files for both on-premises and mobile access based on the latest guidelines and regulations.

Disaster Recovery Services


Every business has valuable data that is vulnerable to threat, whether physical, ransomware or the result of a cyber attack – so it’s important to have a plan for when that threat materializes. Effective disaster recovery plans require careful strategy and technical expertise. We can assess your business’s cloud and physical computing environments for vulnerabilities. Whether you’re dealing with a virtual attack or a natural disaster, we can prepare your systems for data recovery and reduce unplanned downtime to ensure business continuity for you, your staff, and your customers.



Conducting an effective risk assessment and developing a long-term cybersecurity plan goes a long way toward protecting your business. But once you have that plan in place, the work isn’t over. Our managed remote monitoring services can ensure that your systems and IT infrastructure aren’t left vulnerable to attack and compromised data. We monitor your IT systems and networks from our office in Tulsa and our operations center in Oklahoma City to make sure failures, breaches, or other issues are identified and resolved quickly.


Standley Systems works with midsize and small businesses across Oklahoma and the surrounding region

We develop comprehensive information and cybersecurity plans as a part of an overall managed services strategy that secure your technologies and processes against the many threats facing today’s mid-market organizations.


Midsize companies often have the same cybersecurity concerns and risks that larger enterprises face but without all the staff and time to implement the equivalent level of information protection they need. Managed cybersecurity services make it possible to cost-effectively secure your company’s infrastructure–including public and private cloud environments–while freeing up your IT personnel to focus on work that needs to be handled in-house and drives business value.


Many small businesses rely on managed services to keep their information safe. Without dedicated IT staff, it can be easy for small business owners and managers to become overwhelmed or complacent when it comes to monitoring and updating their IT infrastructure and cybersecurity plans. Managed cybersecurity solutions from Standley Systems can allow you to keep sensitive information and systems secure while retaining the business agility and flexibility that small businesses need.



Just like other midsize and small operations, nonprofit organizations rely on IT infrastructure and technologies to achieve their goals and serve their communities. Nonprofits often handle sensitive information and serve the needs of their members through the web and mobile applications. Let Standley Systems provide cybersecurity services that give your nonprofit team the time and peace of mind to focus on the work you do to make a difference in people’s lives.


Our cybersecurity services–including information security, disaster recovery plans, and remote monitoring–all start with a thorough risk assessment


To help your business both proactively protect against and respond to cybersecurity breaches after they’ve occured, we need to understand your business and the technologies your IT infrastructure relies on.


Because Standley Systems has experience developing tailored solutions for midsize corporations, small business, and nonprofits, we’re able to customize our services–and our pricing to meet your needs and budget. Once you contact us with a description of your business and the cybersecurity services that you need, we can work together to assess your IT systems and networks and develop a service package that’s customized for your organization.



Learn more about our approach to cybersecurity for midsize, small, and nonprofit organizations

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Standley Systems has helped businesses across Oklahoma plan and execute strategic cybersecurity policies and processes

Companies like T&W Tire, Oklahoma Blood Institute, and the Community CARES Partners from the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma have all trusted us to handle their network management, IT infrastructure, and technology scaling needs.


We conduct comprehensive and individualized analyses of all of our customers’ IT systems and networks to provide services and solutions tailored to their business needs. Our highly skilled professionals are trained and experienced in helping to make businesses like yours more secure and ready to combat cybersecurity threats.

Contact us today to see how we can help secure your systems

Standley Systems has extensive experience conducting risks assessments and developing comprehensive security plans as part of an overall approach to managed IT services for businesses like yours. Fill out this form with your name, contact details, and a description of your business’s cybersecurity needs or any questions you have about our services.

We’ll contact you to explain how we approach developing a customized risk assessment and cybersecurity plan that’s designed with your business needs in mind.

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