Printing is a necessary part of everything your company does in today modern business world. But it isn’t always cheap. In fact, if you’re not closely managing your print environment, you might be wracking up all kinds of charges that you don’t even notice. So today, we’ll help you calculate the real cost of printing for your company that may help you save on your daily operating costs overall.

Print the Smart Way

Managed print is all about streamlining and improving your print environment. From efficiency to environmental friendliness to cost. And when it comes to solving problems, managed print solutions always start with hidden costs. Printing has a lot of associated prices, some you might not even realize are that important, but you’ve got to have the facts before you can start improving. Here are some important variables for your calculation:

1. Equipment

It’s obvious that the cost of printing includes the cost of the printers or copiers, right? Well, the truth is that your equipment creates more expenses that you need to remember. From emergency repairs to maintenance that gets pricier as the machine ages, printers are a huge part of the real cost.  Today’s modern office equipment are designed to be as efficient as possible and help reduce costs for the owners over time.

2. Consumables

Paper, ink, toner, oh my–and, in some cases, oh no. Consumables always need to be in your cost calculations, because they can easily end up overlooked and over-expensive.

3. Energy usage

Newer and more advanced machines use less energy than their older cousins, but no matter what type of printer you have, you always need to take energy usage into consideration. This is even more important if you have a big printer fleet.

4. Security

When it comes to the real cost of printing, security is important for two reasons: how much it costs to defend your data, and how much it would cost if a breach happened. (Hint: it’s always cheaper to be safe instead of sorry!) Network and document security have become very important for today’s office that must by all means defend client and work related data.

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Kali Schmidt

Written by Kali Schmidt

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