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Managed Print Services Pros and Cons

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Looking to outsource your printing processes and document management needs? The first step is to determine if managed print services (MPS) is suited for your business. Read on to learn the advantages and disadvantages of MPS so you can make the right choice for your company.


Are Print Management Solutions a Good Fit for Your Business?

Let’s take a step back to look at your business and how it operates. Are printer problems causing frustration for your employees? Do they spend a lot of time troubleshooting printer device problems? Is going green a priority? Are electronic files hard to find? If so, printer management solutions may benefit your business with services that include:

Remote Print Device Monitoring

Managed print services include network monitoring to ensure that you will always have a reliable fleet of printers ready at your disposal to serve your printing needs. In addition, remote monitoring stops severe problems in their tracks before they start. By identifying devices that have service issues early, professionals can deal with them immediately before they become a long-term problem that affects staff productivity.

Automated Supply Replenishment

Remote monitoring also tracks supply levels like paper and ink cartridges, ensuring your printers are always stocked and ready to go. Rather than being burdened with ordering, organizing, and managing extra printer cartridges, your MPS provider will automatically ship printer cartridges when your devices are running low, eliminating the need to stockpile toner and ensuring your printers are always fully equipped to serve your needs.

On-Site Support and Service

The reality is that printers can break down from time to time. Rather than have employees troubleshoot issues, your MPS provider can send experienced technicians to your location to fix your printers quickly, and provide much-needed maintenance to ensure reliable service in the long term.

Cons of Managed Print Services

Managed print services benefit many businesses across a wide range of industries, however, they can come with some challenges that include:

No Dedicated Account Manager

The last thing your employees need when your printers are breaking down is having to explain the issue to different people at a disorganized call center. That is because not all MPS providers have an account manager familiar with your business, and this lack of attention can negatively impact the quality of services provided.

Insufficient Security Protocols

Some MPS providers lack the infrastructure to keep your data secure, leading to data breaches that can cost you time, money, and your company’s reputation. To avoid security problems, make sure to choose an MPS provider that also specializes in cybersecurity. That way, you can make sure your sensitive documents are kept safe from cyber attacks that can dramatically damage your company.

Upfront Costs

Some MPS plans require an upfront initial investment to upgrade your print environment with new hardware and software. This is not always the case for all businesses, however, and some MPS providers may be able to organize your printer fleet around existing devices in order to lower the initial upfront investment.

Other reasons MPS may not be suitable for your business

Along with the cons of MPS, there are other reasons why it may not be a good fit for your company, such as:

  • You have minimal printing needs
  • You have a staff member trained in servicing and fixing printers
  • Employees have free time to dedicate to troubleshooting and other printer issues
  • Cutting costs is not a big priority at the moment
  • Your printers are generally maintenance-free

If any of the above apply to you, then MPS may not be a good fit. Some alternatives include using a printing shop and maintaining a printer fleet on your own.

Benefits of Managed Printing Services

For many companies, MPS is a strategic investment for the following reasons:

Professional printing services minimize frustration

Imagine never having to worry about malfunctioning printers ever again. A comprehensive managed printing solution will always have an account manager dedicated to ensuring that your printing hardware is always online and ready to provide the printing services you need.

Managed printing services are cost-effective

MPS can reduce printing costs with software that tracks what you print, how often, if it's in color, and more. That way, you can implement a strategy to reduce the amount of paper and toner, and track volumes at specific printers in different locations. Used together with a printing strategy, these valuable analytics are vital to improving efficiency, saving money, and increasing your ROI in the long term.

Professional printing services reduce your environmental burden

Managed printing services help the planet by reducing paper and toner use, for an overall positive environmental impact that significantly benefits your bottom line,

Managed printing services improve productivity

When you outsource your printing to a managed print provider, you’re eliminating the need for employees to spend time troubleshooting errors and maintaining central printers. MPS providers can also configure cloud-based features that allow employees to collaborate from any connective device in any location, giving your staff the freedom to collaborate on initiatives that drive business success.

Professional printing services offer better security

Managed print providers help secure your data with authentication protocols that ensure the right documents are viewed by the right people. MPS providers also monitor your network 24/7 to stop cyberattacks before they can start, ensuring your business doesn’t suffer a data breach that can cost significant time, money, and your reputation.

Ready to learn more about managed print services?

MPS brings numerous benefits to the right business that improve productivity, increase efficiency, save time, reduce costs, and provide a significant ROI that grows with time. Contact Standley Systems today for a free assessment to discover how managed printing services can positively impact your business today and ensure success in the future.

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