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3 min read

Managed IT Services in Tulsa That You Can Trust

By Kali Schmidt

Standleys has been a part of the Oklahoma business community for more than 80 years. From our first store selling typewriters to our present-day information technology expertise, we are proud to help local businesses digitally transform so they can compete, grow and thrive.

Topics: Tulsa Managed Services
1 min read

Production Printing News: Short-run Packaging

By Kali Schmidt

You’ve probably heard that production printers offer all kinds of new opportunities for your business, but today, you have the unique chance to see one of these “new horizons” in action. Here’s everything you need to know about short-run packaging, just one of the ways a production printer can revolutionize the way you make profits. 

Topics: Tulsa Oklahoma City Printers Promotional Packaging Production Printing Business
4 min read

5 Document Security Practices For Better Data Security

By Kali Schmidt

Effective document security practices are growing in importance as more businesses come online. The benefits of using Software as a Service (Saas) and cloud storage are too numerous to go back.

Topics: Tulsa Blog Document Scanning Oklahoma City Security Document Management Encryption Risk Management
2 min read

How does managed print save money?

By Kali Schmidt

Printing is a necessary part of everything your company does in today modern business world. But it isn’t always cheap. In fact, if you’re not closely managing your print environment, you might be wracking up all kinds of charges that you don’t even notice. So today, we’ll help you calculate the real cost of printing for your company that may help you save on your daily operating costs overall.

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