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Boomerang Printing is a high quality, competitively priced, quick turnaround

print service serving the Tulsa area. Centrally located in Tulsa, Boomerang

prints for a wide variety of customers from universities to national brands as

well as many local small to medium sized companies in and around Tulsa.

Boomerang utilizes many production print technologies in their shop and

came to Standley Systems looking to increase productivity and efficiency

through the placement of new equipment. They also needed to refresh their

Fiery technology for improved user experience and uptime.

Their commitment to their customers’ ever evolving print and marketing

needs along with providing unmatched customer service was the utmost



At the end of the day, Boomerang needed a new machine placement and

Fiery upgrade that would help with workload productivity, advanced print

techniques and an improved user experience. More importantly, the client

wanted a print technology partner that was local and offered a single point

of contact for service and account management. They wanted improved

customer service where they were more than just a number.



After listening to their past experiences with other technology partners and

careful consideration of the workload, end user experience, and types of

jobs being printed, Standley Systems and the client selected Xerox Versant

280 Press, Fiery, and a face trim module for their booklet finisher.

Boomerang was looking for reliable technology that would help with workload

and improve end user experience. The client was also looking for local

service and support. By partnering with Team Standley Boomerang gained

access to local sales and service experts in which they can reach out to with

a single call to resolve any issue or challenge they may face.



After installation, the Standley team took on the task of providing

maintenance and support for the production equipment and solution. In

supporting the solution, we discovered that the trim module was not a right

fit and our team quickly rectified the situation by Standley’s customer-first

approach further solidifying the relationship of Standley Systems and



“We are thrilled to be working with Standley Systems again to place

our second Xerox Versant 280 Press. This partnership exemplifies our

commitment to our customers’ ever evolving needs by placing equipment

that is powerful, reliable, and backed by an exemplary local service team.”

Boomerang Printing

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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