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Today, competitive businesses often operate in a variety of virtualized and cloud environments to connect to distributed offices, scale their business applications, and deliver services to customers.

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Managing resources across on-premises and public cloud servers comes with inherent risks and rewards. On the positive side, using hybrid cloud infrastructure allows you to simultaneously store sensitive information within on-premises servers while maximizing the performance of critical applications and services delivered to end-users via public cloud platforms.

On the other hand, operating across public and private cloud environments requires expert knowledge to design and deploy your IT systems and applications.

Having access to IT staff capable of keeping your IT operations running smoothly helps you avoid disruptive downtime, security breaches, and inefficient operations, but it can be costly to employ and train them within your own organization.

At Standley Systems, our IT professionals can help you organize, deploy, and manage the hybrid cloud IT infrastructure that your business needs more securely and efficiently, at a cost that’s sustainable for your growing business.


Your cloud infrastructure should be designed to support your goals, protect against risks, and maximize your potential

With the right cloud backup and storage, networking, and computing solutions, your business and its teams can be ready to scale and adapt to new customer demands and changing market conditions. See how our cloud services can help you stay competitive wherever your technology is deployed and used.

Flexible Wi-Fi & Remote Networking

Companies of all sizes are dealing with the challenges of managing distributed networks. With distant satellite offices, remote employees, and the increasing prevalence of connected edge devices, business networks often need to manage both local area networks (LAN) and wireless connections. Instead of managing those networks separately, we can help you develop an integrated networking strategy that incorporates wired, wireless, and cellular connections with the bandwidth, speed, security, and reach your network needs.

On-site & Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud storage has become a staple in modern businesses, allowing infrastructure flexibility and scalability that generates true value in improved productivity and customer experience. However, companies often already own and need to maintain usage of on-premise servers. We can help ensure that you develop a strategy for using your hybrid cloud infrastructure effectively so you maximize the capabilities of your on-site and cloud storage solutions. Standley Systems can help you remotely monitor and backup on-premise servers while integrating cloud storage.


Virtualized Computing & Desktops

End-user devices like desktop and laptop computers often present a significant challenge for your IT teams. Managing individual workstations can make it more difficult to secure your systems, scale your operations cost-effectively, and update your technology. As a part of an overall managed services strategy, we can help you virtualize your servers’ computing power so your end-users access virtual desktops from their PC. This allows you to create a standardized computing environment that makes it easier to provision access for new users, deploy new software applications, and update systems.

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We deliver networking, cloud storage, and virtual computing solutions built for dynamic business needs

Trust Standley Systems to support your business with the IT infrastructure solutions it needs to carry out critical business operations wherever and whenever you need them.

Do you handle sensitive information?

Organizations offering healthcare, legal, and education services, as well as government and nonprofit entities, often manage sensitive information governed by specific state and federal regulations. When these organizations need to scale their IT capabilities and systems, not everything can be deployed on public cloud servers, which means they need custom networking and cloud solutions that fit their data privacy and security needs. We can help you effectively manage a hybrid cloud environment while handling sensitive data properly.

Do you run distributed workloads?

Today’s businesses manage distributed offices, remote workers, and online storefronts, portals, and customers. As a result, companies need reliable systems and networks that can handle the challenges that these distributed workloads bring. Critical processes connecting your distributed cloud and network resources need to be automated, prioritized, and monitored so that you can avoid costly downtime. Let Standley Systems provide the networking and cloud computing management you need to maximize your technology investment.


Do you need up-to-date, consistent tech?

Financial firms, government agencies, and healthcare providers often rely on their systems to provide real-time data analytics and communication that their staff and customers rely on to handle important business decisions and processes. You can ensure that all your systems, desktops, and devices allow your applications to work the same wherever they’re deployed by virtualizing your servers’ computing power.

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We tailor our cloud backup and storage solutions to your business needs to build infrastructure that helps you grow

At Standley Systems, we understand that each business has unique needs when it comes to cloud services and solutions. We offer tailored cloud backup and storage solution packages and pricing that fits the requirements of your industry, business goals, and budget. To provide managed cloud services that support your business and its growth, we start every customer relationship with a thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure and business needs.

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Our cloud backup and storage solutions support companies across Oklahoma and the surrounding region

Whether you’re a midsize corporation or a nonprofit, you need modern IT capabilities to reach more people and scale the meaningful work that you’re doing. Our record with enabling past and current customers with cloud backup and storage shows we know how to provide networking, hybrid storage, and computing solutions that can work for your business.

Companies and organizations like the College of the Muscogee Nation have trusted Standley Systems to transform their IT infrastructure and processes so they can do more.


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