When you decide to implement a Managed Print Service, the first step is the most important: the print assessment. Managed Print is the most effective way to maintain your print fleet, reduce print related costs, and boost productivity in the office. To achieve all of that, you need to know what you're working with.

Here's what the print assessment does to get your Managed Print Service started.

It Illuminates Total Costs

When it comes to print environment, the reality is that most businesses have no idea exactly what's being spent on print expenses. Some common areas of overspending include poor supply maintenance, using multiple vendors, and wasted paper. Additionally, many printers are over- or under-utilized, resulting in downtime that halts office productivity. All of this, and more contributes to the overall cost of your print infrastructure — and the number is often pretty shocking.

It Gives a Comprehensive View

Like the print costs, an overall view of your print fleet might come as a surprise. You'll have the opportunity to see all of your printers, where they are being used, who is doing the most printing, how much print waste is generated, and so forth. This bird's eye view helps you see how things can run better. For example, many offices have a few devices doing most of the work, while other printers are not located in a good location.

It Provides a Glimpse of Potential Savings

The key to a print assessment is that it shows you potential: potential savings, potential boosts to productivity, potential improvements. Seeing the total costs and the comprehensive overview of your fleet and print habits helps us to work with you in setting up the print management plan that will work for your business. You'll be able to get a sense of all the ways Managed Print will work for your specific needs and reduce costs while improving print practices.

We want to tell you more about our print assessment and Managed Print Service! Contact Standley Systems today to find out all about this fantastic service.

Kali Schmidt

Written by Kali Schmidt

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