Everything has two costs: the “price,” and the real price. The former is simple to calculate because it’s up-front, obvious, and usually has a clean price-tag to explain everything–but the latter is what you need to look out for. Take, for example, the real price of printing. You might be spending a lot more than you thought–and a lot more than you need to.

The Cost of Printers

It’s not always easy to figure out exactly what you’re spending on printing, simply because printing is a huge and complex process. There’s a lot to consider, from consumables to energy use to unnecessary prints–but luckily, managed print services has got your back. This revolutionary solution was designed to analyze your print environment from top to bottom and report back with the exact ways you’re spending money–and along the way, managed print has come up with some crucial wisdom when it comes to defining the real cost of printing.

  • Consider consumables. Although ink and paper costs aren’t “hidden,” it may not be obvious how much you’re spending on them if you don’t have clear, concise processes for ordering and storing. A little waste can really hurt your budget.
  • Remember to count the hardware. Hardware poses incredible “hidden costs.” Cost-per-print is an important way to measure whether your printers are working for you or against you–and in general, cheaper printers cost more to operate.
  • Analyze unnecessary use. Another thing you might not even realize you’re paying for is unnecessary use on your printer. If employees use the machine for personal prints or have a habit of printing too many copies, that’s hurting your budget.

The real cost of printing can be difficult, but with managed print, it’s easy to figure everything out–and easier to solve any problem that might arise. To get in on this solution, contact us today!

Kali Schmidt

Written by Kali Schmidt

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