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Managed Print Equals Sustainability

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Does your print environment have an inline strategy with your sustainability plans? If not, it should. Print is one of the main drivers behind recycling issues, excess waste, and sustainability problems.

Sustainability Builds Business

Going green means that you can save money and grow your business. How? Sustainability is a critical part of deciding who to work with for clients, or where to work for employees. If you want the best, it’s a good idea to cover all your bases.

One of the easiest ways to make your print environment more sustainable is to invest in managed print, which is the service that covers all aspects of print – ordering supplies, managing repair, overseeing budget, collecting data, recommending print policy, and more.

How are these related? Hiring someone to manage your print needs saves a ton of money, and cuts back on excess printing. Printing unnecessarily or printing personal documents can almost double print volumes in your business, making your entire organization less sustainable. It’s time to get a handle on that through managing services for print.

Managed print builds business by:

  • Reducing waste
  • Helping implement more sustainable policies and practices
  • Cutting back on excess supplies
  • Improving service processes (saving time and products)
  • Saving money on supplies, repair, and productivity
  • Becoming more appealing to customers and potential employees.

Managed Print and the Digital Office

Another way to manage waste, streamline operations, and go green is to consider going digital in addition to implementing print management. A digital office reduces paper waste by converting all current and former documents to digital and establishing a process for all future files.

Document management is the service that takes your business from old school to productive and paperless.

Bringing it All Together

It’s time to create your new, greener company. Sustainability is the only way to keep moving forward. Don’t make it hard – let the folks at Standleys help with managed print and document management services.


Written by dcoatney

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