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Best Business Copiers for 2024: Features, Prices, and Performance

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A business copier is a foundational tool for keeping your office organized and running efficiently. However, choosing one can be overwhelming. These office workhorses aren’t cheap, and they offer a dizzying array of functions. From multifunction devices that copy, digitize, or fax to specialized high-speed models, there’s an ideal option for every business. The best copier is the one that provides the features you’ll use the most, will stand up to professional use, and has a reasonable price tag. We’ve looked at all the currently available models and picked the following eight for their combination of functionality and value. 

What To Look for in Business Copiers in 2024

The best copier for your business will depend on what you need to copy and how much you’ll use it. Features to look for include: 

  • Print speed: Measured in pages per minute, higher print speeds mean you can make more copies in less time. 
  • Monthly duty cycle: This is the maximum number of pages the copier can handle without compromising performance. 
  • Resolution: Measured in dots per inch (dpi), a higher resolution will give you sharper and more detailed copies. 
  • Connectivity: A copier that can connect to your ethernet or Wi-Fi lets multiple users print copies from different devices. 
  • Security features: Security measures such as encryption and user authentication will protect the data on your copier. 

Ricoh IM C4510 

The Ricoh IM C4510 is designed for higher-volume office environments. This color, multifunction laser copier prints up to 45 pages per minute with a maximum 1200x1200 dpi resolution, so you’ll get stunning, high-quality output at fast speeds. Using a paper capacity of up to 4700 pages, you won’t be endlessly running to the supply closet to refill it. You can connect it to your ethernet or wireless system or directly with a USB cable. The entire office can print from anywhere you’ve set up a connection. 

In addition to copying, the Ricoh IM C4510's other functions include scanning, digitizing, and optionally, faxing. It has a 220-sheet document feeder that scans and digitizes both sides of the document in one pass, which is a great option if you’re moving your paper documents to the cloud. 

A responsive, tablet-style control panel makes it easy for anyone to operate. It also offers remote connectivity options for team members working off site. Despite the ease of connectivity, you won’t have to worry about security. The Ricoh C4510 is designed with advanced, security-focused features such as user authentication and hard drive encryption, with the option of security consultations and managed services. 

Ricoh IM 4000

If you don’t need color copying, the Ricoh IM 4000 can be a great option. It prints up to 40 pages per minute with a 1200x1200 resolution. Your team members can print directly from their personal mobile devices with the Smart Connector app, AirPrint, or Mopria. Its cloud-based, smart support makes maintenance easy. You can get automatic notifications whenever it needs service. With RemoteConnect support, you can request professional help directly from the control panel and allow technicians to access your machine remotely. 

The Ricoh 4000 comes with extensive security features to keep your documents and intellectual property secure. All users can be required to log in with a passcode or billing code, and you can hold jobs until the authorized user releases them. Its hard drive is also encrypted to avoid exposing your data to potential hackers. 

For increased flexibility, you can adjust the smart controller so the features you need most are easiest to access. You can also download widgets to create customized workflows. 

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Ricoh Pro C5310

The Ricoh Pro C5310 is the last Ricoh model on our list. Its professional-quality copying results are ideal for marketers, printers, print-on-demand booksellers, and other businesses that produce finished printed projects. The Ricoh Pro C5310 prints oversized jobs that most other office printers can’t handle. With a 4800 dpi resolution, you’ll get vibrant images with smooth transitions and crisp text. Color-management capabilities let you accurately reproduce even the most intricate logos. 

The Pro C5310 includes professional finishing capabilities that let you handle end-to-end documentation in-house. As with other Ricoh printers, it includes an intuitive touchscreen controller that’s simple for everyone in your office to use and provides remote connectivity operations. 

HP E877 Series

The HP E877 series includes the E87740, E87750, E87760, and E87770 models. These LaserJet copiers can print from 40 to 70 pages per minute in color or black and white. This series works well in high-volume office environments with a monthly printing volume of up to 60,000 pages per month. With a document feeder capacity of up to 300 pages, you can set up big scanning jobs and walk away to focus on more high-value tasks. Its quadcore processor powers its high speeds and gives you maximum uptime. 

The E877 series scanning functionality supports multiple file types, including PDF, JPEG, and TIFF, and some models offer advanced search functionality with OCR. You can also take advantage of upgradeable hardware options to optimize your workflows. 

These copiers also include HP Wolf Security—and enterprise-level security solutions with multi-layer protections such as secure boot, firmware integrity checks, and runtime integrity checks.

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HP LaserJet Enterprise M507n

For smaller businesses or those with simple printing needs, the HP M507n is an affordable option. This laser printer is the only single-function machine on our list. However, there’s no point in paying for features—such as faxing—you don’t need. Many digital-first companies have limited use for office copying but still need a reliable printer. The HP M507n fits the bill.  

It prints up to 45 pages per minute normally and up to 52 pages per minute at high speed. It offers optional connectivity through ethernet and wireless connections. Although the M507n is a single-purpose machine, it doesn’t skimp on security. It automatically checks its operating code and repairs itself if it detects any attacks. Outgoing network connections and memory activity are automatically checked to detect suspicious activity. Whether you’re using it as a stand-alone printer or part of your copier fleet, it’s a stable, secure option for basic black-and-white business copying. 

Xerox PrimeLink C9070

Designed to deliver exceptional quality in high-volume offices, the Xerox PrimeLink C9070 has a print speed of up to 70 pages per minute. It has a maximum recommended monthly duty cycle of 300,000 pages per month, so even busy offices don’t need to worry about exceeding its capability. 

With a resolution of 2400x2400, you can produce professional-quality copies. Choose from finishing options such as binder, booklet making, slitting, cutting, folding, and hole punch. The C9070 lets you swap toners to match your printing purposes. Its adaptability works well with offices that need specialty ink treatments such as metallics and fluorescents. 

ConnectKey apps let you optimize your workflows with customized solutions directly from the control panel. Or choose from software solutions that offer web-to-print or campaign management options. It also offers top-of-the-line security features built on Zero Trust Principles to protect your copier and data. 

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Xerox Versant 280

This professional-grade copier will give you optimal results for production press. It won’t be a great fit for every office environment, but mid-production printers will find it delivers superior results. It has a printing speed of up to 80 pages per minute and a maximum duty cycle capacity of 750,000 pages per month. 

It’s capable of copying on multiple media types such as coated and uncoated papers, glossy text and cover stock, and specialty substrates such as window cling decals. The Versant allows you to use different types of toners for special treatments and effects. The 2400x2400 dpi resolution provides excellent image quality. 

In 2022, the Versant 280 won the BLI Pro Award for Outstanding Mid-Volume CMKY+ Production Device due in part to its versatile and reliably remarkable print quality. For standard offices, this production machine probably isn’t worth the investment, but for professional printers or graphic design offices, it’s a good choice. 

Kyocera TASKalfa 4054ci

Kyocera’s TASKalfa range of copiers are designed for business printing needs. The 4054ci copies up to 40 pages per minute with a 1200x1200 dpi resolution. It scans up to 137 images per minute on simplex models and 274 images per minute on duplex models, making quick work of digitizing a backlog of paper documents. It supports various file types and resolutions and can scan to folders, email, USB, or FTPS. 

The Kyocera 4054ci also includes digital copy features such as mirror image, border erase, page number, and print overlay that make it ideal for a number of different use cases. It’s advanced security features make it easy for modern businesses to comply with strict data protection regulations. With encryption, SCEP auto update certification, and SIEM event monitoring, your data is secure from multiple types of cyber attacks. 

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2024 Pricing for the Best Business Copiers

When considering the cost of business copiers, it's important to account for both the initial purchase price and the total cost of ownership, which includes maintenance, supplies, and potential upgrades.

Prices for copiers can range widely based on their capabilities. Basic models suitable for smaller businesses or low-volume use may start around $500, while high-end, multifunction copiers designed for large offices with high-volume needs can exceed $10,000. Leasing options are also available, offering flexibility and spreading the cost over time, which can be beneficial for managing cash flow.

Advanced Copier & Printer Services From Standley

Standley Systems understands the business copy, print, and imaging needs for offices of all sizes in all industries. We customize solutions to suit your company. Whether you need remote options or advanced security protocols, we can design a system that works. Our managed print services can save you money, increase your productivity, and secure your data. Reach out today to learn more. 

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