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How In-house Wide Format Digital Printing Benefits Your Business

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Adding an in-house wide format printer to your managed services printer fleet lets you take back complete creative control while saving time and money, giving you total flexibility on large-format print jobs critical to your business. Whether you’re printing retail signage, architectural drawings, extensive maps, trade show displays, and other large-format documents, wide format printers allow you to print on a wide range of materials.

Is a wide format digital printing solution a good fit for your business?

Are you spending a significant portion of your budget on outsourcing large-sized print jobs? Do you find that you’re spending far too much time on last-minute edits with your printing shop, and prefer to have complete control over your print services?

Wide format digital printing combines the convenience of in-house printing with full creative control over large-format print jobs. More businesses than ever are taking advantage of in-house wide format printing services, including:

  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Construction companies
  • Law firms
  • Architectural firms
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Travel agencies
  • Hotels
  • Amusement parks
  • Casinos
  • Theaters
  • Retail stores and big-box outlets

In-house wide format digital printing gives you the power to create stunning materials of superior quality that significantly impact your business. Wide format production printing can also help you expand your product and service line by giving you the ability to produce a wider range of materials, including:

  • Display materials
  • Posters
  • Booth signs
  • Sale signs
  • Window displays
  • Floor advertising
  • Trade show materials
  • Courtroom graphics
  • Blueprints
  • CAD drawings
  • Landscape designs
  • Client presentations
  • Special event graphics
  • Classroom materials
  • Vehicle wraps

An in-house large format high-volume printer enables you to create customized materials with as many edits as you require to produce them to your exact specifications. And thanks to inkjet printing technology, wide format printers are more economical than ever before.

How Large Format Printing Works

Large-format inkjet printers are ideal for both full color and monochrome printing. The process uses toner with the use of large nozzles that apply ink directly to the product. This innovative process creates a much more authentic result than mounting printed pieces to substrates. Since the printing process is as fast as digital printing, wide format printing gives you the ability to produce large full color 1200 DPI photographs with stunning image quality.


Learn more about how wide format digital printing can upgrade your business

In-house wide format digital printing gives you flexibility and control while saving time and money. Contact us to get a free managed print services assessment that aligns with your goals and adds real business value.

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Types of Large Format Printers

Several types of large format printing devices are available, including flatbed printers, roll-to-roll printers, or hybrid printers that combine both systems into one machine.

Large Format Flatbed Printers

Flatbed UV printers use a substrate that is placed on the bed and act like a carrier that propels material through the printer. The UV light hits the liquid ink during the printing process, and turns it into solid ink. This direct printing process makes flatbed printers an excellent option for high-quality print jobs that require direct printing on rigid substrates.

Roll-to-Roll Large Format Printers

A roll-to-roll printer is ideal for printing items packaged in rolled containers, such as canvas, banners, and large printed pieces on flexible materials. The roll of material is loaded on one side of the printer and is then carried with the printing process to the uptake roller on the other side of the machine.

In combination machines, the flatbed can be removed, and rolls can be attached to each side, giving it the ability to function as either type of machine.

Product Spotlight: The Savin 3406WD Wide Format Digital Imaging System

With copying, scanning, and printing capabilities, the Savin 3406WD Wide Format Digital Imaging System combines several critical business processes into one machine. Large-format high-quality duplications are easy to produce, and can be created from a variety of inputs, including images from desktops, flash drives, and hand-fed documents. 

Fast and efficient, the Savin 3406WD gives you a high production speed at six pages per minute. In addition to giving you the flexibility to quickly make last-minute changes, the Savin 3406WD provides an intuitive interface to efficiently distribute digital copies directly to contractors or clients.

Additional benefits include:

  • Workplace customization and organization — all of your business documents are in one secure place
  • Automated paper-based processes, including scan-to-file, scan-to-email, and scan-to-archive
  • Reduced costs by eliminating overnight delivery, storage, and document handling fees

Ready to learn more about wide format digital printing?

Experience freedom, flexibility, and total creative control with your own in-house wide format digital printing equipment. The Savin 3406WD Wide Format Digital Imaging System makes it fast and convenient by combining copying, scanning, and printing into an all-in-one printing solution. Contact Standley Systems today for a free managed print services assessment to learn all the ways wide digital printing can add value to your business.

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