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Why Managed IT for Education?

By Kali Schmidt on Aug 22, 2017 9:42:08 AM

Standley Systems offers multiple ways of helping those in the education industry work better and more securely. One of the services we provide that can greatly improve your security is Managed IT.

Schools and other organizations in the education industry have specific needs related to security. It’s imperative that you have a secure network, and it’s critical that student information and other data is kept safe.

Here are a few of the security concerns your school or office might have, and a few of the ways Standley Systems can help.

Network Security

Having a secure network is key in any industry, but education has unique security concerns because of the number and types of users that may be using it. Security such as a firewall, VPNs, and anti-virus software are a few of the ways network security can be achieved.


All the security in the world doesn’t mean much if there isn’t someone to keep an eye on it. Monitoring the network and overall security is a big job. You don’t have to go it alone, however: Standley Systems’ Managed IT offers remote monitoring 24/7.

Training and Support

In your industry, you have a lot to worry about — training and support related to IT shouldn’t be one of them. Training staff and fixing issues take up valuable time that you can be dedicated to students. That’s why we offer everything you need to help keep everyone trained, and we provide on-site support when something goes wrong.

Software and the Cloud

Our Managed IT service provides help with software like Office 365 and with cloud storage. These two tools are invaluable in your industry, that’s why we believe in helping you make the most of them. From Office support and training to a multitude of cloud storage options, our Managed IT service can help you stay up and running, and productive.

Standley Systems is dedicated to supporting education. Let us tell you how Managed IT can help! Contact us today to learn more.

Kali Schmidt

Written by Kali Schmidt