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Pumping Up Savings During the Economic Downturn

By Kali Schmidt on Mar 22, 2016 10:10:11 PM

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It’s no secret many energy companies are downsizing. Low oil and gas prices have them looking to save money wherever they can.  The slump in the energy sector has prompted other companies to reexamine how they do business. Standley Systems has a proven track record in making small, but significant adjustments to help downsizing companies in big ways.

As a family-owned Oklahoma business of more than 80 years, we understand the needs and concerns of Oklahomans, particularly those in the oil and gas industry. We have done business during surges as well as dips in the economy.  With the help of custom automated workflow software, business owners and managers can take immediate steps to get through tough times.

Today’s software can do the work of two to three people. It can simplify and standardize well logs and extract and index information before it’s sent to the billing department.

Software solutions can transform inspection sheets and other common forms into electronic documents that can be easily indexed, stored or transferred across departments. Once a document is converted to an electronic form, a worker in the office or out in the field can record data offline and gain access to crucial information, even in remote areas.

What is the payoff for letting Standley Systems help your business? Cost savings, increased convenience, and maximum productivity with minimal margin of error.

Is the economic slump affecting your business? Standley Systems’ software solutions can help. Contact John Baker at 405-574-1150 or jbaker@standleys.com.

Kali Schmidt

Written by Kali Schmidt