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Save Money with Office Print Management Software

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When you use managed print services, you’re outsourcing your print operations and document needs to professionals. Along with freeing you from software, hardware, and security issues, managed print services can save time and increase efficiency, leading to better productivity across your business.

But did you also know that print management and production printing solutions can also save you money? Here is just a quick sample of some of the cost-control benefits you can expect:

Reduced Printing Costs

Managed print services save money by reducing print jobs. By using print data captured by your managed print services provider, you can reduce unnecessary print jobs, reconfigure your print policy, and create a printing environment that is more cost-effective and sustainable.

Plus, it helps the environment!

Downsized Printer Fleet

Today’s secure printing devices and print servers are more efficient than ever before. By being able to do more with fewer resources, managed print services can help you reduce your print fleet — and that translates to significant cost reductions in the long term by reducing equipment and maintenance expenses.

Reduced supply costs

Reduced overall printing and fewer printers can translate to a drop in the demand for supplies as well. An enterprise print management solution helps you save on toner, paper, and equipment parts - all while saving time and reducing hardware, software, and maintenance expenses.

Improved efficiency

Office print management and production printing software provide a wide range of unique features that save time and help improve employee productivity - and that means greater cost savings for you.

Managed print services also help make employees more efficient by encouraging sustainable print practices, reducing the time spent waiting to print, and saving time spent on troubleshooting and maintenance issues.

Office print management software also addresses integration inefficiencies that create issues when your software, mobile devices, onsite machines, mobile print, and cloud-based print workflows (like Google Cloud Print) fall out of sync. Managed print services help you integrate all the various parts of your print environment so that everything works together in a logical and user-friendly way.

Managed print also gives you feedback - comprehensive cloud-based print analytics and onsite data that provide you with insights into the health of your services. Feedback helps you understand what’s working and what isn’t, and creates goals based on that feedback that help you increase efficiency in the long term.

Software Tools That Help Cut Costs

Innovations in technology have produced new software solutions that help us improve efficiency, boost productivity, and cut costs. Here are some additional tools we use in our systems that can help reduce expenses and add value to your managed print services:


Papercut is revolutionary print management software that collects critical data about what you're printing so you can gain valuable insights that help control printing costs.

Papercut lets you know what is being printed, on what paper, if it’s in color, and more. You’ll be able to make informed decisions based on actual data in your printing environment, and can set rules to reduce costs such as restricting the use of color, automatic double-sided printing, and more.


Spending too much time looking for documents in old filing cabinets? LaserFiche aims to free you from manual searching with tools that use your copiers and scanners to digitize documents automatically and file them in a repository for easy retrieval.

Keep sensitive documents safe with Laserfiche’s security protocols. Find them again fast with tools that let you categorize, search, redact, and retrieve the documents you need - even on mobile!

PrinterLogic and Printer Cloud

Ready for simplified printer management? PrinterLogic and Printer Cloud eliminate print servers by going back to direct IP, making print device management easy with a simple dashboard.

PrinterLogic and Printer cloud automatically search for printers near you whether you’re at the home office or at another company location. Downloading drivers is done in a few clicks, giving your computer immediate access to printing services. Updates are easy with tools that allow IT professionals to send firmware updates from their desktops without the need for a print server.

Ready for superior print services while cutting costs?

Call Standley Systems today to learn more about the money-saving benefits of office print management software. Our experts help you efficiently manage your printing systems with technological innovation that improves efficiency, increases productivity, saves time, and reduces costs.

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