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Document management - healthcare-specific risks

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All companies value document security, but when it comes to the papers and files being used every day in the healthcare industry, a different standard of safety is expected. The sensitive information that any healthcare organization handles on a daily basis must be protected – and document management for healthcare is easier (and more efficient) than you think.

Changing How You Look at Paper

Paper is a big part of everything you do, but it can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on how efficient your strategy is. An outdated or difficult strategy can lead to wasted time, too much money spent on unnecessary prints, and even security risks. This means that to change the way you look at your healthcare documents, you need to focus on risk management and boosting efficiency. Luckily, there are three easy steps to strengthen and protect your print environment.

  1. Assess existing security risks. The first step in making sure your paper environment is a strength rather than a weakness is to make sure that your printing techniques are fulfilling industry and privacy standards. If you catch a problem in its early stages, you can save a lot of pain and a lot of money–plus, you’re likely to find some tasks that can be streamlined for efficiency and safety.
  2. Implement management techniques for every print. Business technology experts recommend that you establish management techniques to help you control who can print what kinds of documents, which means that your employees are only doing what they need to–and that, in turn, saves time as well as protects sensitive data.
  3. Consider risk management from all angles. It’s not just about who can print and who can’t–it’s also about protecting documents while they’re sitting on the printer, and making sure that they only travel to the right place. Lockable print trays and ID-verification can help you manage risks to your critical healthcare documents.

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Written by dcoatney

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