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Managed services for small business can boost profits and efficiency

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Managed services have now advanced to a point of being a make-it or break-it add on for many businesses, including small or medium sized businesses.

Outsourcing time consuming, tedious tasks to a company that can handle all levels of business is a major time saving move, but can also cut (and redistribute) costs and help keep managers and new owners on top of business growth.

There are so many positives to managed services for small businesses, it’s hard to imagine how businesses operated without them.

Top Managed Services in 2019

This year alone, more businesses than ever before will make the jump to outsourcing tasks that are taking away from critical innovation and business building. Here are the most requested services from clients, and the fastest-growing outsourced departments.

Print Management

Print management is an enormous cost and time-saving service. Who takes care of print in your business? Often, it’s either the manager, multiple people, or…no one. There must be a better way, and it’s print management, which oversees print budgets, numbers, supplies, and repairs. Get print off your to-do list!

Managed IT

Managed IT takes the ignorance out of trying to oversee IT in a tech world that is, frankly, advanced past understanding of most owners and managers. If you know enough about IT to manage your own including security, risk management, and data backup, then it’s probably your industry. If not, it’s time to invest in help.

Document Management

Document management is a first step for going digital, and one that you won’t want to reverse. Document management involves uploading all contracts, materials, and files to an online organizational system and then establishing continuity, so that any file can be securely accessed from anywhere.

Get Your Small Business in Check

Managed services for small business take the load off when you must focus on building business. Make it happen – talk to Standley’s today.


Written by dcoatney

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