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Are Managed Print Services Costs Worth It?

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Managed print services (MPS) enable you to outsource all your printing needs to a professional third-party provider. Your printing fleet will always be in top condition, you’ll never run out of supplies, and you’ll have support services when you need them — but is it cost-effective for your business?

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What are Managed Print Services?

Before we can assess if managed print services are worth the cost, let’s first clarify what you gain when you outsource your printing to a professional third-party provider:

Remote Print Device Monitoring

Do your printers break down at inconvenient times? Do service wait times compromise the productivity of your business?

When you outsource printing to a managed print services company, you benefit from network monitoring that ensures your print fleet is in top working condition and ready to serve your printing needs. Remote monitoring can also prevent problems in your print infrastructure before they start with alerts that inform your provider when minor issues occur. That way, professionals can address those problems before they turn into serious issues that compromise business efficiency.

Automated Supply Monitoring and Replenishment

Have you ever run out of paper and toner at times when you need it the most? Do your employees spend hours ordering, storing, and maintaining an inventory of printing supplies?

Managed print services use remote monitoring to track supply levels such as paper and ink cartridges. When supplies run low, your provider will receive alerts that prompt them to place orders and deliver them to your business. That way, you’ll never have to worry if you have enough equipment in stock, and there will always be supplies on hand to fulfill whatever print jobs come your way. Employees are then free to focus on activities that drive business value instead of being burdened with stocking supplies.

On-Site Support and Service

Do employees get frustrated when there are problems with your printer fleet? Do they spend time troubleshooting printer problems that distract them from doing their work?

The truth is that printers are just like any other machine - they need service and can break down from time to time. Managed print service providers take the frustration of equipment maintenance and failures off your hands, and automatically service your equipment so it’s always ready to serve your needs.

What’s included in the cost of Managed Print Services?

Estimating the total cost of managed print services takes into account several considerations, such as the size of your business and other factors that include:

Total Number of Devices

The total number of printers in your entire fleet is a starting point for estimating the cost of managed print services. Many businesses are not aware of how many large print devices and desktop printers they have in their organization. By engaging the services of a managed print services provider, you can centralize the decision-making into one place. The first step is to conduct a print fleet optimization audit of existing printers, processes, and estimated usage to identify the optimal number of printers required by your business.

Total Print Volume

The total print volume required by your company is the next most important factor in determining the cost of employing a print provider. This includes the cost of both black and white and color printing, with paper sizes factoring into the total cost estimate.

Other essential factors in your MPS solution should include:

  • Paper, toner, ink, and any other supplies required for the printing process
  • Supplementary printing of documents and other materials that cannot be performed onsite
  • Document management services
  • Support services such as help desk support, IT support, technical assistance, and maintenance

How much is the cost per page for managed print services?

The cost per page can vary from client to client, depending on several factors that include:

  • Age of printing equipment - the newer the equipment, the lower the cost per page due to maintenance and repair issues that arise with older printers.
  • Total print volume - the more pages a business prints, the lower the cost each page will be.
  • Black and white vs. color printers - color printers cost more to repair and maintain than mono printers, and the cartridges are substantially more expensive when compared to black and white printers.
  • Service levels - some service plans include additional technical services and support that are factored into the cost per page.
  • Business location - local businesses often charge less because they can send their own technicians to locations that are closer to their offices, and those savings are passed down to their clients.

Learn More About Saving Money With Managed Print Services

Managed print services deliver first-class printing services while saving time and reducing employee burden. Talk to an expert that understands your business and can provide a print strategy that improves productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

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Top Ways Managed Print Services Save You Money

Managed print services may be an extra cost to your business, but did you know they can also help you find ways to save money?

Here are the top five ways that managed print services can realign your print environment to the streamlined operation it should be:

1. Lower Supply Costs

Supplies can often be over-ordered, inaccurate, insufficient, or just incorrect. Avoid this with the streamlined, on-time order fulfillment included in a managed print services plan.

2. Reduced Repair Costs

Multiple devices can be a money pit, with repairs and supplies getting mixed up or misused. Managed print services include a print audit that evaluates what kind of equipment you need, and how to best use it for cost efficiency.

3. Integrated Security

From password protection to encrypted data, print security is a top priority of the management team. Data breaches can often have disastrous consequences that can cost you time, money, and your valuable business reputation. Reduce the risk by working with professionals that integrate security into your print services.

4. Saved Time and Reduce Employee Burden

Let’s be honest about this — your print environment should not take so much time from the administrative assistant staff or any employees. Give them a break and outsource it!

5. managed print budget

Get a realistic print budget you can stick to, using data from the print audit and information about what your budget goals are.

Ready to learn more about MPS?

Managed print services bring benefits that can’t be measured in dollars and cents, like increased efficiency, saved time, and a reduced employee burden.

Contact Standley Systems today for a free assessment and print strategy where you’ll learn about reducing printing costs, improving digital workflows, and increasing productivity across your entire team.

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