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Accelerate Business Growth With Managed Office Technology

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Outdated technology can cost your business money, potential profits, and employee productivity. Standleys understands your need to move past these challenges. We can help you make that critical shift to modern technological solutions that help your business thrive in today’s digital environment.

Managed Office Technology is the Answer

Imagine a modern office setup where employees can manage workflows and collaborate easily and efficiently. It’s the type of office environment where IT workers spend time and resources contributing to your business’s future growth instead of troubleshooting problems of the past. 

Managed office technology can make that happen. It allows you to outsource some of your key technological operations to specialists so you can direct resources to your core business activities. 

Emerging Office Technology Trends 

Is your business keeping up with the speed of technology? Here are some emerging trends and how they can affect your office management strategy: 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can streamline a variety of business activities from project management to data storage to collaboration. It’s safer and more secure than storing paper files around the office, and can help you find documents quickly and efficiently anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Office Task Automation

Automation of daily tasks is possible through the integration of multiple software systems.

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Combine that with cloud computing, and your employees will save time and increase efficiency. Besides improved overall productivity, automation translates into reduced costs and higher profits for your business. 

Remote Working 

Remote workers are here to stay. Besides giving employees flexibility, offsite workers reduce the need for office space and infrastructure. Cloud computing, cloud-based software and collaboration tools make it possible without compromising security or incurring additional costs. 

Employee-Owned Devices

As the popularity of remote working increases, so does the use of employee-owned devices. While this allows for more flexibility, it can incur additional risks. Cybersecurity measures and document management can help employees feel secure and safe working online without compromising workflows or productivity. 

Managed Office Technology Benefits Modern Businesses

Would your company benefit from a digital transformation through managed IT services? Here are some questions that will help you decide: 

  • Does my business depend on the use of computers?
  • Do my employees spend a lot of time looking for files on local drives?
  • Is it challenging for employees to collaborate at the office and when working from home?
  • Is my IT department always performing maintenance and troubleshooting?
  • Are my employees using legacy software? 
  • Is keeping systems and software up to date a challenge at my company? 
  • Are continuous hardware upgrades draining the company budget?
  • Is our company and client data valuable? Would a cyberattack result in a loss of clients?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then managed office technology is sure to add value to your business by providing the following benefits:

Improved employee productivity

Managed IT services like cloud storage and software as a service (SaaS) can help connect departments, improve workflows and boost productivity. Along with increasing efficiency, intuitive software and cloud systems reduce menial repetitive tasks, allowing for more free time to add value to the business.

Reduced IT costs for hardware, software and maintenance

Expect reduced IT hardware investment when you move to managed IT. Services like cloud storage let you access third-party infrastructure for a subscription fee, reducing hardware costs for your business.

Reduced security risk

Managed IT networks come with advanced security measures that encrypt data as it’s transferred through your company and to the cloud. The use of strict access controls, firewalls and password management ensures your valuable client and company data is kept safe from cybersecurity threats. 

Easier collaboration

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Working from home is now a reality for most businesses, and that presents unique challenges. Moving your data and software to the cloud ensures that employees can move seamlessly between the office and their home, improving collaboration across departments. 

Accelerated business growth

The benefits of managed office technology can accelerate business growth and increase profits. Your employees will save time automating workflows and collaborating effortlessly through integrated systems that increase productivity.

Getting Started With Managed Office Technology

Managed office technology takes most of your technological operations - including all administration hassles, maintenance and troubleshooting issues - and outsources them to a specialized IT company. You no longer have to worry about outdated hardware, licenses, legacy software, or maintenance issues with managed IT services. 

How To Transform Your Business With Managed IT Solutions

Transforming your business through managed office technology solutions is possible through the following solutions: 


Cybersecurity services protect client and company data privacy with measures that include password-protected access, encryption, secure printing, and mobile security protocols. Along with remote monitoring that protects critical infrastructure, your data is stored securely through regular backups and disaster recovery protocols.

Workflow Solutions

Time should be spent on document preparation, execution and delivery - not on chasing documents between locations or wasting time trying to find them in complicated storage systems.

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A comprehensive workflow solution ensures accurate routing of documents to devices, along with the ability to store, search, share and retrieve documents quickly and easily. 

Since most modern workflows involve the use of software, an effective workflow strategy integrates paper and scanned documents with standard applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint. Your workflow strategy should also be flexible enough to easily implement new applications, technological additions and processes that grow with your business. 

Cloud Backup and Hybrid Storage Solutions

Network storage is no longer confined to large onsite servers. Modern cloud backup and hybrid storage solutions can distribute services between on-premise and cloud services for greater efficiency and superior performance. Besides reducing the need for infrastructure investment, on-premise data storage and cloud solutions offer other benefits like increased security and easier access wherever there is an internet connection. 

Managed Print Services

Managed print services can free your company from maintenance and supply issues, allowing your employees to focus on core business tasks. Remote network monitoring of equipment and supplies ensures potential problems are resolved quickly so printers stay online and fully operational. 

Network Monitoring and Asset Tracking

Keeping track of licenses, assets and contracts is easy when the right infrastructure is in place. A comprehensive network monitoring and asset tracking plan can manage all devices, contracts and licenses while additional tracking operations scan infrastructure for potential problems. The goal is to identify those issues before they become serious problems that compromise your network. 

Device relationship management through a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) tracks all items in your IT infrastructure and maps relationships between devices. Along with predicting the potential impact of incidents or changes on your environment, proactive network monitoring neutralizes threats so your business stays up and running. 

Is your business ready for a digital transformation through managed office technology? 

The business world is transforming at an accelerated rate. Don’t get left behind by clinging to outdated legacy technology that’s holding back productivity, efficiency, and affecting your bottom line. Call Standleys today for a comprehensive infrastructure assessment. Our experts provide insights into how managed office technology can improve workflows, reduce infrastructure costs - all while accelerating your company's growth and profit potential.

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