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Why smart managers outsource printing

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Your IT has always done right by you, so you want to do right by it–but is it best to outsource your tech concerns, or should you keep everything in-house? Today, we’ll lay out the pros and cons and let you decide whether outsourced managed IT is right for you.

Managed IT

When people say “outsourced IT,” what they generally mean is managed IT services, a solution that allows you to choose a high-quality provider and put all of your IT concerns in their hands. Essentially, by handing over the reins, you eliminate the wasted time, money, and stress associated with handling your own technology, all with the agreement that your provider will work with you instead of leaving you out of the loop. However, the truth is that some companies still prefer in-house IT because they hesitate to relinquish control–a fair concern.

Here’s a look at both options to help you decide what’s best for your unique company.

In-house IT

In-house IT consists of a specialized IT department within your company that focuses on, you guessed it, the technology. You hire, train, and pay employees who are experts in the tech field, which is definitely a plus–because in-house employees are physically there whenever you need them and can pick up on the needs, goals, and ideals of your company. However, you also have to pay for everything–and if your employees can’t fix something, you’re left in a bit of a jam.

Managed IT

With managed IT, you get almost all the benefits with almost none of the stress. Your provider will help you choose the best equipment at the best prices, answer questions big and small, be available 24/7, and could even start today. To be fair, though, an outsourced provider will never be able to exactly match the level of personalization that comes with an in-house employee who’s constantly part of your culture.

Ready to choose between managed IT and in-house IT, or do you need more advice? Either way, contact us today–we’re happy to help!


Written by dcoatney

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