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How managed IT can help companies

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We’ve all heard the words “disaster recovery,” especially after all of the hurricanes, fires, floods, and more that have been on the news lately. However, do you know if your company is actually prepared to keep functioning in the face of natural or digital threats? The good news is that either way, managed IT is here to help. This is how managed IT can help companies facing a crisis.

Managed IT and Disaster Recovery

Managed IT is all about solving problems. The threat of crippling disaster, whether from a natural disaster or a data breach, is just one more problem that needs solving. Luckily, managed IT is designed to help you confidently navigate the uncertain waters of the business world, which means that you’ll always have efficient ways to continue functioning even if your office is on fire (although that’s not recommended).

What does a disaster recovery plan with managed IT look like?

You’ll have well-organized priorities.

One of the most important parts of disaster recovery is knowing which documents you need in order to keep working, and what information is irreplaceable or particularly sensitive. Managed IT can help you organize your priorities by considering the minimum amount of data you’d need to get through a disaster.

You’ll have efficient backups.

There are three basic options when it comes to backup: local storage, cloud storage, or a little bit of both. Each of the first two choices have limitations–the former struggles with physical disasters while the latter could be the target of digital attacks–but managed IT experts can help you get the best of both worlds.

You’ll be quick on your feet.

Managed IT is all about recovering quickly and efficiently from any problem, which means that, even in disaster recovery plans, you can trust that you’ll have limited downtime. Your data will be safe and easy to reach so that you can keep working.

Looking for help creating your own disaster recovery plan? Managed IT is just the solution you need. Contact us today!

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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