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Managed print: education made easier

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There’s nothing more valuable than a good education, but the truth is that, as the world changes and learning styles change along with it, educators of all kinds need to find new ways to keep up with fluctuating demands. Not to worry: managed print can help make it easy to get that A+–at least when it comes to efficient, budget-friendly document processes.

Managed Print for Educators

One of the best things about managed print is that it can be specialized for industries of all shapes and sizes. It does this by identifying the unique problems that each industry has and providing equally unique solutions that always keep the end goal and the budget in mind. When it comes to education, the process is easy to see.

First, managed print providers help educators identify their biggest pain points. For example, a local high school might be struggling with:

  • Budget cuts and fluctuating funding,
  • Ill-organized digital documents,
  • Inefficient physical documents,
  • Wasteful processes,
  • Frustrating workflows

Next, a well-managed print provider will suggest solutions designed to handle each problem, dealing with issues at their source rather than just doing damage control. For the above example, some solutions might be:

  • Budget control, helping the school to understand what their print habits are and where they could be saving money;
  • Organization processes, allowing every individual educator to utilize the same naming and keyword techniques so that digital files are always easy to find, edit, and share;
  • Waste elimination, streamlining workflows and cutting out unnecessary printing;
  • Advanced security procedures, making sure that physical documents are stored efficiently and effectively while digital files are safe and backed up.

Managed print gives educators the opportunity to “make the grade” when it comes to documents and file workflows. To see what managed print can do for you, contact us today!


Written by dcoatney

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