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Before You Choose Your Managed IT Provider

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There are lots of things you should do before you make the final choice about a managed IT provider–but if you don’t ask these few questions, you run the risk of ending up with an IT partner who’s not much of a “partner” at all. Let’s take a look!

Partner or Provider?

In the managed IT world, you’ll probably hear “partner” and “provider” used interchangeably–but the truth is that they’re pretty different. An IT provider is likely going to do the bare minimum, giving you only the basics in order to fulfill their contract. An IT partner, on the other hand, is a self-proclaimed ally to your business–which means that they’re eager to understand your unique needs, come up with specialized solutions, and help you succeed in every way possible.

That leaves only one question: how do you spot a managed IT partner in a world full of IT providers? Here are a few things you can ask before you make the final decision.

Why are you our best choice?

An IT partner won’t just give you their standard pitch. They’ll tell you the details, like how long they’ve been in business and what their credentials are. Plus, they should be able to offer answers specifically tailored to your unique needs and concerns.

What is your customer service like?

If a provider doesn’t seem to prioritize customer service–that is to say, they don’t offer service whenever you need it and aren’t interested in answering service questions quickly–then they’re probably not going to fall into the “partner” category. Your customer service values should align with theirs.

Can you tell us about your strategies?

Listen closely while IT providers are explaining their tech strategies. They should prioritize security and should focus on proactive measures rather than quick-fixes and temporary solutions.

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Written by dcoatney

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