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Great ways to avoid phishing scams

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Managed IT makes life in a technological world a whole lot easier, and that includes taking all the necessary steps to protect your business, your employees, and your data from phishing scams. Today, we’ll take you through an example of how to avoid this digital threat “the managed IT way.”

Tips from Managed IT

One of the great things about managed IT services is that it’s not static. It grows and changes with you and with the tech world, meaning that it can always help you navigate the challenges of protecting, utilizing, and efficiently organizing your machines–just by providing you with some helpful tips for whatever you might be facing. Since phishing is a digital threat that’s only getting worse, doing things “the managed IT way”–by focusing on what works for your business–is more important than ever.

Steps to Take

Ready to protect your business from phishing scams? Here’s how to get started!

1. Strengthen your policies.

First things first: focus on those policies. Managed IT proves that the best policies are both flexible and strong, meaning that you should be able to adapt to new threats like email scams just by following your existing processes. (This is especially important since digital threats are always evolving.)

2. Get everyone on board.

Employees need to be educated to recognize the biggest signs of a phishing scam, including poor grammar, threats of immediate action, suspicious URLs, and bad spelling. After all, security is everyone’s responsibility.

3. Keep your passwords powerful.

Part of managed IT is making sure that you’re doing everything as well as possible–and many companies struggle with password policies. Remember, phishing scams want to steal your passwords, so make sure nobody reuses or shares passwords and always use extra security measures when possible.

Doing things the “managed IT way” makes it easier to avoid phishing scams, and it can help you too. Contact us today!


Written by dcoatney

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