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A Day Without Managed Print Services

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In researching managed print services, you’ve probably come across a lot of testimonials that describe a day of business with this revolutionary solution. However, sometimes it’s more helpful to see what your company is missing without a specific tool–so today, we’ll take a look at all the scary details and security statistics of a day without managed print.

Managed Print Magic

Before we begin, remember that managed print was designed to take all the stress out of everyday printing tasks–from streamlining workflows to updating software–and help you make the most efficient, cost-effective, and secure choices when it comes to your print environment. It makes sense that a day without this solution could unearth plenty of problems, including security risks, wasteful practices, and more. Take a look at this scenario and see for yourself the kind of “managed print magic” you might be missing out on over the course of a day without managed print services.

Problem #1: Security risks

This day without managed print begins with an employee sending a confidential document to the printer and then getting intercepted by a phone call or urgent question. It wouldn’t be a big deal, except that the confidential document sits in the printer tray and can be seen–or even taken–by the wrong person. Managed print could have provided a solution to this scenario (like follow-you printing).

Problem #2: Wasteful practices

The next issue that comes up involves environmental friendliness. Although no one notices an issue, inefficient consumables choices–like which toner to buy and how to dispose of cartridges–are putting undue stress on the budget and on Mother Nature.

Problem #3: Inefficiency

At the end of this day without managed print, employees have wasted time fighting with printers, documents have been copied when they could have been sent digitally, and time and money have both been wasted. The good news is that managed print can identify and solve all these issues and more, all without breaking the bank.

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Written by dcoatney

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