Call it by Name - From the Owner's Corner 

“I am thankful for you.” Five simple yet powerful words. 

 I was reminded recently, when we see and experience something that evokes a feeling of gratitude, we should call it by name. “I appreciate you taking that on without being asked. Thank you for taking the initiative to ensure that was handled in a timely manner.”

 As we all know, thanking someone in a specific and sincere manner is a gift we can all give anyone at any time, for any reason. We never know when a thoughtful “thank you” can change the trajectory of someone’s day or week, giving them a much-needed boost, or the reminder they need to know they are valued and appreciated. 

 Sometimes in life, the simple things have the greatest impact. 

 At Standley Systems, “We Build Legendary Relationships” is a foundational core value

 Standley Systems was founded on the cornerstone of purposefully building lasting relationships, and the fuel that drives us on a daily basis is a passion for our people, clients, and communities. We do not take any of our relationships for granted, and we continually look for new ways to make a positive impact on others.

On behalf of our Standley Systems family, we say thank you to any and all who put their trust in our team to help keep you going. We appreciate you.

Greg Elliott, Standley Systems Co-Owner & COO

Greg leads the executive team to oversee daily operations of the company, with a focus on culture development, team health and business growth.

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