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Work Remote. Together.

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The secret of successful remote teams.

In a pre-pandemic era, a day of working from home meant you’d get way more done. Maybe you’d blaze through that mountain of work that had been stacking up, clear your head with a little fresh air, and even get back to the basics of the big vision you started with in the first place.As business leaders we often get nervous with work from home (WFH) teams. Will they actually work? Will we meet our deadlines? How will we streamline our workflow?

Here’s a 5-minute Q&A that will make your business better today:

Are workflow processes a little all-over-the-place?

  • Make your technology talk.
    • What technology is serving your workflow today? How much of it is actually integrated and structured to increase efficiency? How much double (triple, quadruple) work is being done? Assess what you have in place and how you can make the most of it.
  • Nix the paper. Digitize your documents.
    • Nothing like a forced WFH environment to push you to go digital. What physical documents are critical to your job – and does anyone have access to those but you? What if you could store, index, search, access, and limit visibility to your organization’s critical documents?

Does collaboration make things better?

  • Get your own piece of the Cloud.
    • You need dynamic workflow processes, deployed at scale. Your teams need one go-to place for everything they need. Insert: the cloud. Deployed in minutes, adaptable, dynamic, easy to use.
  • Just like the office, but better.
    • Our work environments are familiar and prone to routine. Power that up in WFH settings, and kick it up a notch. With virtual desktop technology your teams can work within the familiarity of the office, but on the powerhouse of centralized servers. This means updates are handled quickly, and security is iron-clad.

Can we get it all done?

  • Make things happen, no really.
    • Have you ever wondered what could be accomplished if you were just a little more nimble, a little more streamlined, a little more on the edge? A workflow consultant can help you identify the areas of confusion, duplication, logjams, and inefficient processes.
  • Skip the patch, make a plan.
    • A unified, stable team gets more done. Trying to patch it together in various WFH environments often creates more problems. This is where a flexible network structure can solve problems, quickly. Create a smart, next-generation network structure that’s built for the remote working team.

Written by beyondtheory

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