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The Power of Local

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At Team Standley, we take great pride in our roots as a local company serving both Oklahoma and North Texas. Embracing our local identity brings numerous advantages for us and the communities where we work and live. From fostering strong connections to delivering top-notch service and giving back to our neighborhoods, we are committed to making a positive impact wherever we go.

Although we span across all of Oklahoma and North Texas, we have set up each location with great leaders who are passionate about their communities and who are given the autonomy to do what is best for their local clients. 

Curious about the advantages of partnering with a local Managed Print Services and IT company? Here are some ways partnering with a local provider can benefit your business:

  • Faster Response Time
    • By choosing a local provider, you can expect quicker response times for service calls and immediate on-site assistance when needed. This minimizes downtime for your equipment and business operations, keeping everything running smoothly.
  • Personalized Support 
    • A local provider offers personalized support specifically tailored to meet your unique needs. They will collaborate closely with you to grasp your business requirements and provide recommendations that align perfectly with your goals. This level of customized attention is a distinguishing feature not commonly found with larger corporations.
  • Local Knowledge
    • Local providers possess a deep understanding of the business landscape in your area, encompassing local regulations and emerging industry trends. This enables them to offer valuable insights and tailored recommendations that cater specifically to your business and its unique location.
  • Better Communication
    • Local provider has the advantage of communicating more effectively with your company through personal meetings and phone calls. Being local, you'll be able to meet in person, face to face and actually walk through the physical environment where you need technology assistance. This direct interaction ensures that your provider fully understands your needs and can respond promptly to any issues that may arise.

Not only does partnering with a local provider benefit your company, but it also extends its positive impact to the surrounding community. Here are some ways in which local businesses contribute to the betterment of their communities:

  • Community Involvement
    • Local businesses are deeply involved in their communities, actively giving back through volunteer work, charitable donations, and supporting local events. With business owners and employees living and working within the community, there is a strong sense of pride in making a positive impact and enhancing the local environment. At the end of the day a local partner breaks bread and does life with other people in their community and there is just something really special about that.
  • Creating Jobs and Economic Health
    • Local businesses play a crucial role in boosting the local economy by creating more job opportunities within the community. This not only allows residents to stay close to home but also encourages them to support other local businesses through their daily activities. From running errands at nearby shops to grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant, the money circulates within the community, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. By supporting each other, local businesses create a thriving environment that strengthens community bonds and keeps resources within the neighborhood, benefiting everyone involved.

By embracing a local business and provider, you not only enhance the success of your company but also contribute positively to the surrounding community. Team Standley takes pride in our local roots and is dedicated to offering outstanding support to businesses and communities in Oklahoma and North Texas.

Rachel Redemer

Written by Rachel Redemer

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