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Team Standley Attends Diamonds in the Rough Luncheon

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Two members of Team Standley had the pleasure of attending the Diamonds in the Rough Luncheon on February 6th. This event, organized annually by the Chickasha Public School Foundation, aims to provide mentorship to 5th grade girls enrolled in Chickasha Public Schools. The students are treated to a catered lunch in the USAO Ballroom, where they receive valuable lessons on table etiquette from the esteemed Laurie Allen, a certified trainer and school board member. 

Every year, the Chickasha Public School Foundation brings in a special guest speaker who aims to inspire these young girls to make a positive impact in the world. This inspiring experience is shared with mentors from the Chickasha community, who want the girls to know that they have the support and encouragement of an entire community.

This year, Emily Nye and Randi Price had the honor of attending the luncheon to provide mentorship and inspiration to the young girls. The commitment to community is deeply ingrained in Standley Systems' core values, and we are truly grateful that these remarkable women were able to participate in this event and make a lasting impact on the next generation. Take a look at the pictures they took at the event below. 


Rachel Redemer

Written by Rachel Redemer

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