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Streamline Your Risk Management with Data Encryption

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Looking for an efficient, painless way to strengthen your risk management procedures without wasting time, money, or energy? Need a quick solution to some of your company’s biggest document woes? Search no more–we have the answer you need: data encryption. This single solution can revolutionize the way you look at risk management, and all without breaking the bank.

Encryption = Minimized Risk

Risk management can wear a lot of hats in your business. One moment, it might be a combination of processes designed to make sure employees can help protect your print environment; the next, it might be a focus on information security. The truth, though, is that encryption is one solution that can be an important part of all the risk management procedures throughout your company. Encryption takes any document or file and encodes it, creating a version of the information that can’t be opened, accessed, edited, or used without a password. It renders your documents useless in the wrong hands, which means that your risk management goals just got that much easier to achieve.

Where Encryption Works Best

Want to see encryption in action? Here’s a look at a few of the ways that encryption can work within your company to make risk management a breeze.

  • Emails: Encrypted emails are much more secure than traditional emails because they can only be opened on a secure server by someone who has a password. That way, you can feel a little safer sending important data.
  • Files: Files need to be protected through every step of their life cycle–creation, editing, storage, and retrieval. Encryption can help make sure these files are safe even if they’re being accessed remotely.
  • Digital media: Data on a CD or DVD might seem safe, but if that disk falls into the wrong hands, your business is in trouble. Luckily, encryption can help solve this risk management issue too!

Ready to let data encryption make your risk management procedures a breeze? Contact us today!


Written by dcoatney

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