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Disaster recovery, Risk management, and resilience

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When it comes to disaster recovery, risk management, and contingency plans, there’s no better place to start than with a company-wide recovery plan. The truth is that there is a definite art to creating a clear, powerful, reliable recovery plan that will minimize your risks and protect your assets–and today, we’ll help you study that art.

Identifying Your Priorities

It can be alarming to consider all the different risks your company faces on a daily basis. There are floods, fires, earthquakes, violence, and physical thefts, not to mention all the information security risks like hacking and ransomware–but luckily, you can come up with one strong disaster recovery plan that will help boost risk management and protect you against those potential threats. The first thing you have to do is prioritize. Understand what makes your company tick, and then make sure you create a disaster recovery plan that focuses on getting that back online, whatever it may be.

Here are some more tips to make you an expert in the art of the disaster recovery plan:

1. Start with communication.

No matter what you identified as your business’s priority, you should make sure that communication is always at the top of the list. Get word out to everyone, from clients to off-site employees, and make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them.

2. Do regular backup checks.

Backups are a great tool and a vital part of disaster recovery plans, but they’re no good if they’re not being monitored and taken care of. The last thing you want is to realize that your backups have a problem after a disaster strikes.

3. Don’t get complacent.

Remember, a disaster recovery plan should grow and change with your business, your needs, and the threat environment. You should occasionally review your plan to make sure your prioritizes are still up-to-date and that you’re protected against any new online threats that might have appeared.

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Written by dcoatney

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