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Standley to Utilize Ricoh Always Current Technology Version 2.2

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At Standley Systems, we believe in maximizing your workplace efficiency without adding unnecessary complexity. That's why we utilize RICOH Always Current Technology, which enables your Ricoh devices to evolve alongside your business. By simply activating the desired features and downloading updates and applications as needed, you can avoid the risk of investing in a new printer every time a new function is available. RICOH Always Current Technology is an easy way to keep pace with your productivity needs.

With work styles and technology constantly evolving, our customers look to us to provide enhanced products that will drive productivity and improve efficiency. To protect their investment in technology, Ricoh has changed the way that new features and updates become available. RICOH Always Current Technology allows Team Standley to deliver timely solutions to address changing needs.

What’s new and different?

  • Import/export address book CSV data using Web Image Monitor (WIM)
  • Change the setting of HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) using WIM
  • Admins can prohibit printing PS/PDF files using the operation panel or WIM
  • Allow users to directly print to the device using the Wi-Fi built into the op panel even if the Access Control List is restricting access to the device itself.

Which models are eligible?

  • A4
    • IM C300F
    • IM C400F/SRF
    • IM C530FB
    • IM 550F
    • IM 600SRF
  • A3 Color
    • IM C2000
    • IM C2500
    • IM C3000
    • IM C3500
    • IM C4500
    • IM C6000
  • A3 B&W
    • IM 2500
    • IM 3500
    • IM 4000
    • IM 5000
    • IM 6000
  • A3 High-speed
    • IM C6500
    • IM C8000
    • IM 7000
    • IM 8000
    • IM 9000

Contact us today at info@standleys.com or 800-522-3725.

Kaitlyn Elliott

Written by Kaitlyn Elliott

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