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Reduce Risk and Increase Workplace Productivity

By dcoatney on Apr 5, 2019 6:41:42 AM

The task of keeping a company HR compliant is a huge one. There are so many aspects of staying compliant that HR departments work hard to stay on top of the latest regulations. Today, keeping the information about employees private is one of the biggest challenges with the number of criminals out there who try to get that information to make money from it. Here’s how you can reduce that risk and keep your employees’ productivity high.

Managing Risk

There are so many risks to personal information that it’s important to take steps to manage the risk of cybercrime. One of the first lines of defense in risk management is to stop keeping all of the records on paper. Documents today can be scanned into the computer to make all of these records digitized. Once they have been digitized and the paper copies have been shredded, it makes it that much harder for criminals to get their hands on those documents. Criminals can no longer come in and pick up papers off desks, out of printer trays or even out of trash cans in order to get personal data.

Cloud Storage

When the paper documents have been scanned, they have to be stored somewhere. Often, they are stored in house within the company’s computer system. This is one option, but it can be vulnerable to problems with the computers, fires, floods, etc. Increasingly, businesses are storing their data in the cloud to keep them safe and available whenever they are needed. This places another layer of much-needed protection around those documents.

Assessing Your Risk

One of the most helpful ways to find out about your company’s compliance risk is to have it assessed by professionals. A review of your systems that tells you exactly which areas place you at risk allows for quick remedies when weaknesses are found. And because employees aren’t dealing with the assessment or trying to keep a broken system working, their productivity will stay higher. And because this will help your business to stay compliant, it reduces the risk of having to pay fines later due to a data breach.

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Written by dcoatney