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Modernize file services for efficiency and compliance

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Today, compliance and efficiency are crucial in the workforce. No matter your business, document capture technology, and scanning solutions can help you become more efficient while meeting regulatory compliance. It is vital to modernize file services: converting your files electronically can streamline your daily operations while cutting down on storage costs and freeing up space for growth and expansion.

From Paper to Digital

Document capture technology allows you to take your paper files and turn them into digital archives. Our scanning solutions and document management software allows electronic files to become indexed and searchable. Our software solutions can even improve team collaboration when doing inputting or indexing files. Long gone are the days of having to sift through boxes of files to find a single file. Now you can easily log into your document management system and do a simple search for the file you are looking for!

Security and Accessibility

When your documents are made digital, they can then be indexed and securely encrypted. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software allows your files to not only be indexed, but stored and accessible in multiple file formats; DOC, XLS, PDF, HTML, TXT, and other formats you may require. Having an indexed archive of your documents can streamline your workflow by saving your employees valuable time from searching for documents or manually inputting data into crucial systems such as accounting software.

Take Your Company Into the Future

Document capture is the future! Implement Standley’s scanning solutions today to streamline your workflow and daily operations, saving your employees time and freeing up office space for growth. If you are interested in taking your business to a new level of efficiency, CONTACT US today!
Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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