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Managed IT Tips: Securing the Cloud

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For many businesses, there are still a lot of questions surrounding the cloud–but one of the most important is, how do we handle security when it comes to the cloud? Often, it seems like there are too many unknowns, and that makes companies uncomfortable. Luckily, all it takes to keep your data safe and sound in the cloud is a little bit of know-how that you might already have for securing the cloud.

What You Need to Know

Securing the cloud is a lot like securing your data anywhere else. If you’ve ever looked into managed IT, then you’re probably familiar with countless ways to protect your crucial information both internally and externally–and believe it or not, a lot of those same concepts can be applied smoothly and easily to protecting data in the cloud. The only difference is that you’re adapting wisdom you already have to work with a new medium: the cloud.

So what does the cloud need from you when it comes to security protocol? Here’s a quick look.

The cloud needs strong passwords.

Just like your computers and online accounts, it’s critical that you put the right amount of effort into creating passwords for accessing your data in the cloud. Remember, “password” is the worst password you can have.

The cloud needs encryption.

You’re probably familiar with the concept of encrypting data, but it can be especially helpful to encrypt sensitive information before uploading it to the cloud. It’s an extra line of defense that you’ll appreciate later.

The cloud needs backup.

This is another familiar concept, but it can’t be repeated enough. The cloud doesn’t actually offer disaster recovery or backup for your data unless you specifically request it from your provider, so make sure you’ve got a plan.

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Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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