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Law Firms Benefit from Legal Document Management Services

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Managing legal documents for any type of legal matter can take a lot of time. The volume of documents can include original documents, internal documents, and digital files, such as electronic documents that must be printed or otherwise stored. You can benefit from legal document management services no matter what type of legal firm you manage.

Some legal firms attempt to keep all of their original documents and digital legal documents on their property. The problem? Consider the amount of time that it takes to organize, file, store, retrieve, and prepare paper documents. Storing and reconciling digital and physical files can be incredibly tedious and counterproductive.

Regardless of whether you’re involved in trial prep or it’s just a regular day in the office, you must be able to find what you need, when you need it, without hoping the printer, scanner, or copier works. And, if it is a trial or deposition day, a paper jam or other tech issue like a server or hard drive failure doesn’t happen at the last minute causing you to no longer have access to crucial digital files!

Is There a Solution for Legal Printing Services and Document Management?

The legal industry faces significant challenges in processing information in multiple formats from many sources. This includes, but is not limited to, activities from deposition and trial preparation involving legal printing services to archiving digital files and litigation scanning of legal documents after a trial.

In a law office, printing, copying, or scanning, full color, high quality original documents or even internal documents can be quite time consuming, especially if there is a volume of documents that must be contended with.

At Standley Systems our team understands the new world of work and the challenges of running your practice more efficiently while keeping operational costs down. You need a partner that can maximize your use of technology so that you and your support staff can focus on providing outstanding service to your clients.

As law firms and legal departments face pressure to do more with less, our document management services for law firms are hard at work helping you provide information in the right form, in the right place, at the right time, to the people who need it. Our goal is to help you with our printing services, copy services, and scanning services. We can even help manage your digital files and your digital printing needs.


How Much Does Legal Document Managed Print Services Cost for Law Firms?

Just like there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to managed print, there’s no quick and easy answer to how much print can cost for a law firm. Depending on the managed print provider, price estimates can range from a couple of thousand dollars to $10,000 (or more).

So when you’re shopping around for a managed print provider, here are some factors that can affect the cost of your managed print services package.

Ask yourself these questions as you’re evaluating your future MPS provider:

  • Equipment: What types of printers will you need? Do you need to print black and white? Color? High speed?
  • Volume: How much do you print in a day, week, or month?
  • Location: Is the MPS provider in the same city, state or region as you?
  • Maintenance: Are your office managers keeping your printers up-to-date with firmware updates, using the supplied toner, and following recommendations for the care and upkeep of your print ecosystem?
  • Monthly Billing or Flat-Rate: How are MPS services billed? Are there extra fees or additional service costs?

Remember, a good managed print provider — like Standley Systems — will take the time to learn about the legal matters you handle, learn about the volume of documents you handle on a regular basis, and the services you most likely need. Then, they’ll provide you with a custom quote that includes the service offered.

Find a MPS provider whose objective is to meet your needs, not to sell you something you won’t use or that you don’t need.

Document Management Includes Keeping Data Security Compliance

Every jurisdiction requires not only that lawyers be technologically competent, but that all data have a certain level of security.

With the rise of the remote workforce and the increase in application security, compliance must remain at the top of your priority list. Constant threats to your network, critical documents, and sensitive client information can be difficult to navigate.

That’s where a good managed print provider comes in. A MPS provider can help create a plan to protect your systems, your files, and your sensitive information. Just like the experts at Standley Systems, MPS providers help legal firm clients create plans to help achieve compliance with:

How Does Standley Systems help me maintain compliance?

At Standley, we are able craft compliance solutions through our extensive hardware portfolio, along with best-in-class document management software and IT solutions that can help protect you from malware, viruses on critical systems, ransomware, and more.

Standley Systems works individually with each law firm to develop a custom cybersecurity and compliance plan that help meet each client’s needs. Our goal is to help you protect your systems and your sensitive data.

Standley Systems document management solutions are designed to make it easy and cost-effective to implement document security policies while helping control access to devices and documents for any of your employees who work from home or who need access from a remote location, such as court or mediation.

Standley’s IT experts take a proactive approach to your network and implement remote monitoring, privacy policies, network monitoring, and backup disaster recovery to keep your data safe and accessible at all times.

Save Time on Document Management by Partnering with the Experts

While document printing, scanning, and copying are part of law firm life and generally a billable task, it’s also time-consuming especially when a high volume of documents are involved. Your time and the time of your support staff could be spent on other tasks that must be completed for the legal matter.

Printing services can help save law firms time by handling this part of the case preparation process. The case preparation process requires the ability to quickly import both digital files and paper-based information. Our document scanning and digital file management solutions help you make quick work of scanning jobs.

Standley Systems is Here for Your Law Firm!

Looking to do-it-yourself? We can help! Standley System’s software integration expertise allows us to integrate your scanners and multifunctional copiers with your case management software, improving your productivity! By implementing custom, turn-key software solutions and services we can help reduce your law firm or department’s overall operating expenses and manage the ongoing cost of ownership.

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to help you get the right digital file management system, legal printing services, or litigation scanning services you need! Learn more about transforming your law firm by booking a free managed print assessment with one of our technology experts.

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