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Is an On-Premise Solution right for your business?

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Deciding between an in-house, on-premise solution or hosted cloud solution can be a tough but critical decision to make in your business’s IT strategy. With technology continually advancing and becoming more sophisticated, IT departments are given so many options when it comes to enterprise solutions. When making this critical decision it’s important to be informed about the solutions as well as the requirements.

So what is an on-premise solution? What are the requirements for having this type of solution deployed and what are the benefits? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more! 

What is an On-Premise Solution? 

An on-premise solution is any infrastructure that physically resides within a business for users to consume services. With these solutions, the business has full control over its data and applications, which is a key factor for businesses in industries with strict compliance regulations. These days, most companies operate under some type of regulatory control, regardless of the industry. Banking, education, legal and Healthcare are some of the verticals that have the highest compliance and regulatory requirements. These verticals are also strong candidates for an on-site solution, in lieu of the cloud.  

What are the requirements for having an On-SITE Solution?  

In house solutions require physical infrastructures like servers, storage, software, as well as the appropriate power supply and networking requirements necessary to consume the services provided by the infrastructure.  

What are the Benefits of an On-Premise Solution? 

Physical control and security, as well as accessibility, are two major benefits. On-site solutions bring peace of mind by:  

  1. Giving the business complete control of physical and network security of the infrastructure 
  2. Compliance with certain business operations that require or mandate that certain workloads avoid Cloud solutions 
  3. Faster accessibility of workloads because local network speeds prove to be faster than requirements that use the Internet or VPN connections 

Want to know more? Contact us to chat with one of our engineers that specialize in servers, storage, virtualization, and disaster recovery. Email us at info@standleys.com and let’s start customizing your on-prem solution. 

Kali Mogg

Written by Kali Mogg

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